Horoscope for April 2017 for Cancer

Horoscope for April 2017 Cancer Horoscope for April 2017 suggests Cancer representatives to restrain themselves from any aggression. If in the middle of spring your behaviour turns out to be too impulsive and explosive, you are putting yourself at risk of causing endless problems, that you will have to "dig through" for a very long time. Rather than starting to yell every single time you face a minor issue, take a deep breath and count to yourself to ten (you may increase this number if necessary).

The explosive temperament of Cancer representatives in April will turn out to be a big hindrance to the normal development of their personal relations. You will get into a huge fight with some of your beloved ones, and then will refuse to take steps towards reconciliation. Your thinking will be that if this person really cares about you, he or she will come running to make it up to you. Of course, this won't happen and your friend won't be "dancing around you". Stars predict that your long friendship with this person might not live through the April crisis and will eventually end up this way. April will make it impossible for all single Cancer representatives to add even a hint of romance to their lives. Your face will give out a "scrolling message": "do not come too close, it's dangerous!" (not surprisingly, the opposite sex will not display any attempts to approach to you). Married Cancer representatives will spend the middle of spring in a forced isolation. Once your family members finally lose their patience, they will leave for the cottage outside the city or go on an entertainment trip leaving you alone with your internal issues.

April will be marked for Cancer-employees by their rather diligently performance of their professional duties. You will decide that this is the time for your career to finally get the ball rolling, and so you will express a willingness to stay late at work, taking on a number of other people's tasks. Your frustration will be limitless, when your bosses ignore all these efforts! Unfortunately, the promotion will get one of your colleagues, who has just returned from vacation. April is not expected to bring Cancer-entrepreneurs much excitement. Upon managing to subdue your explosive temper, you will forgive your careless staff, who has let you down with the delivery of a very promising project. Fortunately, other large-scale problems in the next four weeks are not expected in your life, which means that you can sit back and watch as your income slowly but steadily increases.

The health aspect of Cancer representatives in April promises to be rather satisfactory. Though read between the lines - you will be able to avoid major issues, but you are unlikely to succeed in getting rid of the effects of constant stress. It is quite possible that you will spend the month of April feeling that your nervous system has come to a complete standstill. Stars recommend you to increase your supply of sedatives beforehand, or think of a drug-free way of regaining emotional balance.


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