Horoscope for June 2017 for Leo

Horoscope for June 2017 Leo Horoscope for June 2017 will seem to people born under the sign of Leo not the most pleasant news. Over the next four weeks you will have to remember what a missed opportunity is, as well as what sadness and disappointment truly are. Despite your many efforts, the beginning of summer will not let you succeed in any sphere of your life, and therefore your heart will be filled with dissatisfaction and doubt in your own irresistibility.

Leo representatives in June 2017 will not be able to protect themselves from the negative events in their personal lives. You will experience the strongest shock when you find out about the betrayal of your best friend. You will be outraged, that the person you have had trusted so much, has acted like a real Judas. Having decided that from now on you will not get close with anyone, you will indefinitely postpone all your attempts to build a romantic relationship. People showing some interest in you at the beginning of this summer, will be very surprised with your negative reaction to their courtship. However, closing up in your cozy "shell" for a while will make you gradually miss your bright, eventful life. In fact, "a sad Leo" is a rare and short-term phenomenon. If you are married, you will be able to regain your emotional balance a lot faster. You will let go of the situation with a traitor-friend, since you will once again find a reliable support in your beloved second half.

The month of June 2017 will force Leo-employees to think that their career is shattered like a ship on sharp rocks. An extremely adverse event is indeed expected to occur in your life (a dangerous colleague-competitor will appear in your professional life, your boss will decide to demote you or temporarily discharge you of your regular duties). You will take a lot of effort to restore your previously conquered positions. Some progress will finally outline eventually, but, unfortunately, you won't be able to restore your credibility at work until the end of June. If you are working for yourself, the main danger of this June will focus on the financial aspect of your life. It is quite possible, that dreaming to hit the jackpot, you will risk a very large sum of money in the first decade of the month. Soon enough, though, it will become clear that this risk has not justified itself. Scolding both yourself and villainous Lady Fate, you will have to quickly decide how to close the gap in your finances.

While everyone around is enjoying a peaceful holiday in June, Leo representatives will be solving serious health related issues. At some point you will feel that your energy has disappeared somewhere without a trace. Barely holding back your scream of helplessness, you will start taking handfuls of pills. Feeling a temporary relief, you will once again put off a visit to medical professionals.


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Horoscope for June 2017