Horoscope for July 2017 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for July 2017 Sagittarius The main thing that horoscope for July 2017 promises Sagittarius representatives is the right to rest. Finally, the terrible period of constant job rushes and problems that prevented you from sighing with relief, has ended. A print of constant moral tension will gradually fade away from your face. You will start laughing and joking a lot more often, and will finally be able to spend the time the way you really want to.

Sagittarius representatives will experience the impact of pleasant July changes especially in their personal lives. If in the recent past you've felt that your old friends go out with you less and less often, the middle of this summer will make you, on the contrary, complain about the excess of attention to your person. Friends will overwhelm you with calls and text messages with the proposal to hang out in a bar or go to the beach. Of course, you will be happy to respond to all these invitations. If you are not married yet, you have a great chance to meet a very interesting person during your friendly get-togethers. At this point you and your new friend (a very nice person of the opposite sex) will not experience passionate emotions towards each other, since your relationship will be based solely on common hobbies and interests. If you are married, spending time with friends will provoke outbursts of anger from your partner's end. If your beloved one won't be able to find a place in this fun "get-together", your marriage might be under a huge threat!

Career development, professional success and financial affairs in July are not expected to receive the slightest share of attention from Sagittarius' end. You'll let all the things, you used to keep under strict control, slide. Surprisingly enough, but such a careless approach will yield extremely positive results! Your career will unexpectedly move up, and the level of your income will start to increase rapidly. If you are self-employed, the main gift of destiny for you in the middle of the summer will be the appearance of a very rich and influential investor. This person will immediately let you know about the basic position your business is going to take up on - the summer is the period of the "swing", and starting from September, the company will expand by opening a new branch.

The month of July with its lack of excitement and anxiety will help Sagittarius' health to become noticeably stronger. You will feel that your inner energy is constantly growing, and you have enough strength for both strenuous work and crazy vacation. Though do not overestimate your capabilities concerning your midnight "parties"! Your body is definitely going to provoke a "revolt", if you make it your rule to rush to work immediately after sleepless nights!


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