Horoscope for August 2017 for Cancer

Horoscope for August 2017 Cancer Horoscope for August 2017 does not recommend Cancer representatives to particularly strongly worry about missed opportunities of becoming a bit happier and richer. Indeed, many perspective chances are going to pass you by at the end of this summer. However, in spite of everything, there are far more important things happening in your life - peacefulness, a company, consisting of close friends, and a strong belief that some day you will be able to implement all your plans.

The personal life of Cancer representatives in August 2017 will be filled with unpleasant surprises. If some time ago you've started a love affair, the end of this summer will clearly show that you have been greatly mistaken in your new significant other. Your passion will keep convincing you that the visual appeal does not always correspond to the rich inner world. Realizing that it's impossible to fix such a person, you will put an end to this unhealthy relationship. At this point you will not take any new attempts towards meeting someone new. Instead, you'll focus on self-development and will finally think of your friends that you have not visited for quite a while. If you are married, your major disappointment in August will turn out to be your marriage partner's behaviour. You will be shocked and outraged that the person you've trusted completely, takes to say the least, immoral actions behind your back. You will learn this information from one of your close friends, who would think that you should be aware of such unpleasant events. You're the only one to decide how one should act in such a situation, while re-considering your previously balanced marriage life.

Career and financial aspects of Cancer representatives' lives in August are also expected to cause a lot of trouble. If you work for a company, the end of this summer will make you decide whether you should stay at the same place of work, continuing to suffer from the taunts of your superiors, or start your "free floating". If you decide to take a risk and sign a letter of resignation, try to secure your future beforehand, saving a decent amount of money for a rainy day. Nobody says you're going to immediately find a decent job, and these funds will be an excellent support for you while you're looking for a job you can really enjoy. If you are involved in your own business, do not let the attacks of competing firms deprive you of confidence in your own abilities. If you remain calm and continue to raise the rating of your enterprise, there is every chance that the economic crisis will simply pass you by.

With Cancer representatives solving a lot of business related issues and personal problems, their health will be rather unstable, resembling a pendulum (in particular, from being "bad in every aspect" to "even worse"). Stars have only one piece of advice for you - do not delay your visit to the hospital, since the unpleasant sensations in the heart area will not vanish until you start treatment.


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