Horoscope for August 2017 for Aquarius

Horoscope for August 2017 Aquarius Horoscope for August 2017 promises Aquarius representatives no particular problems, though it does not promise any bright events either. Your life will go on as usual, not pampering you with any gifts or surprises. Sometimes such a monotonous life will frustrate you, that's why you'll want to escape from the bleak reality into your own virtual world or into a place, where no one interferes with you enjoying your favourite hobby.

The personal life of Aquarius representatives in August will be completely stripped of any memorable events. Though it's quite unclear why you're going to blame your lack of attractiveness from the opposite sex' end for their absence! You will carefully consider your reflection in a mirror (so intently that you will surely be able to find even non-existent flaws in yourself). In short, you'll be sorely unsatisfied with yourself, your character and appearance. The representatives of the opposite sex will notice this lack of confidence even at a great distance, meaning that you indeed won't be able to start a new romantic relationship in August. If you are married, the inferiority complex won't pass you by either. Especially due to the fact, that your significant other will pour oil on the flames with the stories about more successful married couples. Just one step and you are falling an immediate victim to depression. To avoid this, make yourself recall your previous victories as often as possible, and cut off these traditional stories from the lives of your common friends.

August is not expected to bring any fundamental changes to the financial aspect of Aquarius' life. Your income will be exactly the same size as before. Not wanting to put up with this situation, you'll think about finding an additional source of income. A good idea will definitely pop up in your mind, but at this point you won't be able to find the strength and desire to pursue its implementation. The month of August will make Aquarius representatives involved in creative profession suffer from the lack of inspiration. You'll try to find it in rather strange things (in communicating with homosexual representatives, in visiting hot spots, or in resorting to alcohol). It is quite unlikely that the outcome of these measures will bring you even the slightest delight, making you feel an even greater dissatisfaction with yourself and your life.

All-in-all, Aquarius representatives at the end of this summer will be able to keep the state of their health at a high level. Though, sometimes you will feel slightly dizzy or will face certain issues with the gastrointestinal tract. However, you do not necessarily need to go to the doctors to make an accurate diagnosis (you can easily blame constant overeating and the absence of even moderate physical activity for all your health related issues this month).


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