Horoscope for August 2017 for Pisces

Horoscope for August 2017 Pisces Horoscope for August 2017 will turn out to be for Pisces representatives a complete surprise. You will be incredibly surprised, that for the next four weeks your life is going to turn into a fascinating attraction, somewhat unpredictable, and somewhat even dangerous. However, apart from being worried for your own further future, you will experience an incredible delight, since all the events that are about to happen will be of solely positive nature.

The personal life of Pisces representatives at the end of this summer will not succumb to simple description. Some strange events will constantly appear in your life. Not understanding why your old enemies have suddenly become your "bosom" friends, you'll begin to look for a dirty trick in their behaviour. However, time will tell that you have been wrong not trusting people, who have made a step towards you themselves. If you are single, the month of August will help you to start a romantic relationship, that will differ a lot from your previous relations. A very young, eccentric person will appear in your life, making you feel not even passion, but irresistible sensual attraction towards him or her. You will have little interest in where your sweetheart works or what interests he or she has (though, one of your mutual friends will raise these questions, feeling worried about the future of your somewhat unreasonable relations). The life of married Pisces representatives will follow a more prosaic pattern. Major surprises are related not to the communications with your marriage partner, but to the relationships with one of your relatives. You shouldn't be too much surprised when an elderly relative of yours appears at your doorstep, who has always criticised you and your actions, and then announces his or her decision to make you his or her heir or heiress.

Pisces-employees in August will hardly differ from their old colleagues, looking for new job openings. Once all of you learn that your company is on the brink of "going down", you'll immediately fall victims to the strongest panic. However, stars do not recommend you to rush into escaping from the "sinking ship", since this would be a false alarm. Indeed, your company will have to face some difficulties, but it is definitely not worth to resign. The end of summer 2017 will help Pisces representatives involved in their own business avoid major troubles and even rejoice a slight increase in their finances. However, you will constantly suffer from an idea, that you haven't done everything possible to make your business develop at a normal pace.

The health aspect of Pisces representatives in the month of August is not expected to be subjected to any kind of outbursts. You will like to realise that at this point you have rather strong nervous system and excellent immune system, being able to withstand seasonal fluctuations in temperature. However, you should keep in mind that your body will hardly thank you, if you keep on constantly testing out its strength.


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Horoscope for August 2017