Horoscope for January 2017 for Capricorn

Horoscope for January 2017 Capricorn Horoscope for January 2017 will seem for Capricorn representatives rather pessimistic. However, there's no need to panic just yet, since the scale of work related and personal issues depends only on how quickly you start to eliminate them. Besides, beginning to doubt your own abilities, you will not gain the victory over the adverse combination of circumstances (and thus, this is the time to chase away melancholy and unconfidence).

Everything happening in the personal lives of Capricorn representatives in January 2017 can be described in a few words - a complete mess. During New Year's celebrations you will get in a horrible fight with one of your closest friends, which will make that person turn their back on you completely. This will be a heavy blow for you (especially if you are single and you are not in a constants relationship). Driven by a great desire to find a soul mate as soon as possible, you will run off the rails. It's hard to understand why you will carry out your "test" on "souls match" through the intimate sphere ... One thing is clear though, this way you will certainly not find your soulmate. Married Capricorn representatives should expect a different kind of problems in the middle of winter. You will once again become a "target" for the attacks of some of the older relatives (worst of all, your better half will experience a quivering attachment to this relative-opponent of yours). Your family will be divided into two warring clans for the whole month of January. The outcome of this strife depends only on you and on your willingness to make compromises.

Professional and financial aspects of Capricorns' lives in January 2017 are expected to be the least affected by the unfavourable planetary alignment. If you work for a company, you will be able to fairly quickly integrate into the familiar work rhythm after a long vacation. Even now, at the beginning of 2017, your superiors will announce their desire to bring the enterprise to a new level (read between the lines - the year of the Rooster expects you to devote yourself to hard work, which will rewarded). Capricorn-entrepreneurs in January will be somewhat shocked by the negligent attitude to work from their staff's end. To make these people work at their full potential, you will have to establish a new bonus payments system for them, which will eventually decrease your income a bit.

Being tired of endless troubles in January 2017, Capricorn representatives will sadly notice that their health has deteriorated. In order to get rid of the affects of constant stress as soon as possible, find a source of positive emotions, and learn how to alternate periods of hard work and good rest.


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