Horoscope for January 2017 for Gemini

Horoscope for January 2017 Gemini Studying the horoscope for January 2017, Gemini representatives will learn the main lesson: this is not the best time for fundamental changes or unreasonable risk. If you follow this advice and meet 2017 by choosing a conservative pattern of behaviour, you have all the chances to save your festive mood for a rather long time.

Everything happening in personal lives of Gemini representatives in January 2017 will have a common characteristic, which is a complete lack of logic. You'll be incredibly surprised when your best friend will tell you right after your New Year's celebrations that your friendship is over. There's no need to ask why he or she has made such a decision! Let your friend blow off their steam a bit, since in just a few days they will continue to communicate with you as if nothing had happened. If you are meeting the upcoming year of 2017 single, stars recommend you to give up meeting up with very attractive people. Attracted by the beautiful "image", you are putting yourself at risk of meeting a dead end (the person arousing physical attraction from your end, will turn out to be a very "shady" one, who can cause serious financial damage to your status). If you are married, stars highly recommend to give up any large-scale domestic projects for the whole month of January. Neither dreams of fundamental repairs, nor a desire to "domesticate" your interior will not come true, and your partner's bad mood will be the main reason for this.

With the beginning of a work year 2017, Gemini representatives will once again try to significantly develop their careers. You will tirelessly demonstrate your professional skills, while the entire department yawns lazily, trying to shake off the effects of the holidays. Unfortunately, the general laziness will affect you as well, it is quite contagious! Your "work power" will burn out quickly, and you will begin to work using only a quarter of your capacity. The month of January will bestow upon Gemini representatives involved in their own business a great desire to introduce some innovations. However, stars won't give you a chance to fully realize your ambitious idea. The main reason for that will be your tendency to rush, and the unwillingness of your staff to follow unexpected and unplanned experiments. In general, January promises Gemini representatives to avoid major financial problems, although they should not expect their income to somehow grow in its usual amounts.

Gemini representatives should not worry about their health in the middle of winter 2017. If you adjust rather quickly to monotonous daily routine following the festive atmosphere, you will even be able to avoid the aggravation of your old illness. The end of January suggests you to organise both your work and rest schedule (this will guarantee your well-being until the end of 2017).


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