Horoscope for November 2017 for Leo

Horoscope for November 2017 Leo Horoscope for November 2017 warns every Leo representative to not interfere with their own conscience. If some question makes you seriously doubt about something, think about how your life is going to unfold further if you commit an indecent act, before making the final decision. Do not try to deceive yourself, since you know it quite well, that victories scored at such a high price, do not bring much pleasure.

The month of November will force Leo representatives to establish order in their personal lives. You will accumulate a whole pile of unresolved issues, each of which will require your exclusive concentration. If you are not married, the end of autumn 2017 will force you to admit - the opposite sex absolutely refuses to show signs of attention towards you. Pursuing the desire to attract interest to yourself, you will go for the big time. Absurd hairstyle, provoking makeup and outfit, more suitable for a carnival - this is just a tiny part of what you're planning to do! It is quite possible that you'll resort to such vile means as slander against your more attractive friends or launching "sneak attacks" in the fight for the heart of a particular person. Unfortunately, all your artificial efforts to win the "grand prize" will end in complete failure... If you are married, the month of November will make you worry about your household problems more than your popularity issues. You will have to deal with a fierce row with the neighbor, you've accidentally flooded. However, once all the losses are fully recovered, the long-awaited peace is still unlikely to appear in your life. The reason for this will be a conflict with your marriage partner (your partner will be indignant that the whole family has to switch to the austerity mode because of you). This discontent will decrease eventually, but you will still bear the title of "the person, who caused so much trouble for their beloved ones" for quite a while.

Leo representatives won't be able to enjoy their career success in November. The reason for that will be a depressing incident, that is going to happen without your direct involvement. One of your colleagues will plot against their supervisors. Once the boss finds out about the impending "coup d'etat", everyone is going to be in big trouble (even you, an outside observer of the event). Leo-businessmen are going to face another problem. You yourself will become the "link", that a big plot is going to develop against. You will be able to see through the schemes of your competitors just in time, and will immediately seek revenge, and that revenge will be rather severe.

Leo representatives are going to spend the month of November without any major health related issues. Occasionally, you're going to feel dizzy, but you'll simply ignore these signals. The maximum that you'd want to do for your own health is to take a couple of days off, that you will spend at home enjoying your favorite snacks and binge watching.


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Horoscope for November 2017