Horoscope for 2014

Will 2014 be the year you make president of the company? Find that awesome career? Learn what the big picture really means or just find that one special love that is still eluding you? The opening of a New Year always is exciting. The hope is the coming year will be awesome and give you a breakthrough that will keep your life happy and prosperous. If you don’t want a lackluster year and are not looking for challenges, 2014 will be all up to how hard you work at positivity. You have work to do, but if you draw up a plan and rely on your own star-gazing and follow it religiously, you might just make it.

From the beginning of 2014 until mid-September 2015 Saturn will reside in Scorpio. You will continually hear the topics of reproduction and family matters. Saturn requires that you learn to be responsible and dependable. Saturn also leaves you with the feeling that weighty issues need to be thought through and questions need to be looked at from all sides. Nothing should be taken for granted or at face value.

2014 is an imaginative year. Enter into entrepreneurial enterprises with a firm resolve to make new businesses work. Uranus in Aries is the driving force for these new business ideas. Work on your relationships and make money a priority as Pluto passes by Capricorn. Your concern with money matters will be in the front of your mind until 2026.

Watch out for the “bigs” this year. Big business, big money, and big government. They will strive to take over the simple man and bring in radical new ideas that can rock your world. You will prevail, however. Judgment comes about when Mars moves behind the Moon. Liberal thinking will clash with the more conservative of you as Uranus lines up with Pluto. This alignment of Pluto and Uranus shows up the inequities in the societies of the world that need to be resolved. There is not much time.

There will be opportunities to show the world what you can do in home and business. You will be able to put into practice your investments of time, money and intellect. Things will definitely be more wonderful than you ever imagined. Look ahead from January 1st on to the end of 2014 with honesty and keep your real intentions upfront. If you are shadowy you will have a great sense of failure and frustration. In other words, don’t run, just walk to your destination with truthfulness.

Realize what your priorities are and stick to them. You may have many criticisms and comments from people around you who do not understand where you are coming from. These same people will try and mislead you and prevent you from success. You have a great deal to offer and little to go on. Luck will be on your side, however, if you are honest and open.

The theme of 2014 is sudden and dramatic change. As you work through difficult conditions and circumstances you will be a different person from the vibrant person that stepped through January 1 to the much more sedate and careful person that leaves on December 31, 2014. This is the liberation of old norms and the accepting of new ideas. Hold on to your potential and show who you are and what you can do. This is the year to be reliable and steady plus consistent and determined. Seize opportunities as they come and treasure experiences that will make radical changes in your life. You must embrace a new way of thinking and living; this will be very empowering and highly positive.

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