Horoscope for January 2014 for Capricorn

Horoscope for January 2014 Capricorn Capricorn Hidden memories are coming to the surface the first of January 2014, but you have the ability to make them wonderful memories. This is a great time to work with difficult feelings. Your energy makes things very humorous and you can reduce the fear of the unknown. Don't blow things out of proportion or be a drama queen.

You have a sense of intimacy and passion as the New Moon wanes in January 2014. List some of your deepest desires and dreams. Don't hold back. Your partner will have a very definite deepening of love and want to do things for you. Take friendship to a closer level. Be someone who can be trusted with secrets. Have a zest for life that is awesome!

Great negotiating skills is your heritage in January Sagittarius. As Libra enters your house of public image you will find that you are very important when commitments and contracts are being signed. This will definitely open doors for career promotions. Excel at discussions and make important introductions. Be the master of ceremonies at an awards assembly and impress everyone with your charm and wit.

You will find that people turn to you for guidance and leadership. They value your judgment and sense of what is right. Always stick to the truth in January 2014 (all all year) to find yourself being assigned a reputation for integrity. There is nothing better than that.

Financial opportunities will be high as the Full Moon rises. You feel that you can do anything, but do ask for more information if a financial opportunity presents itself and it is more than you can do. Do your own thing to make more money. You might have a hobby that can be turned into a business. This month you will have innovative ideas that will be highly supported by our friends and family.

As Jupiter and Pluto interact in your house of relationship, you feel as if you could fly with your love. You want more in this area of your life and you know that you can do it. Expand the energy as you work towards friendships and relationships. Be open to change and flexible when the unknown presents itself. The largest thing in your life right now is your home and family. Be flexible and listen to others. You tend to miss the big emotional picture.

If you want to change relationships, now is the time. You have the energy and it will help you out. You don't have to drop what you have if it is good, just make it better. Don't hold on to the past and past ways; change is always good even within a committed relationship.

Your house of values is emphasized towards the end of January. You feel a very strong connection to values and want to use them in our daily life. Take risks, but make sure they have been planned out. Find comfort in schedules and ruts; niches that are comfortable make the best companions.


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