Horoscope for January 2014

Horoscope for January 2014 The first month of a new year always brings excitement. There is great hope that the coming 2014 year of Green Horse will be better than the last year. Praying for breakthroughs and bringing new challenges to be conquered is anticipated. There is much to do, but the difference is that you can find a plan that will help you expand your horizons. You are not operating within a chaos ridden situation in your own mind; you just need to map out what you are going to do.

Saturn will be in Scorpio during 2014 and there Saturn will stay until 2015. Be responsible and trustworthy with what you do and try to say in line with public norms. There are coming changes in society that will test your family and your emotions; stay abreast of current events and discuss the implications with your family.

Imaginative and innovating answers to question will be the goals of corporations and businesses. Entrepreneurial enterprises will spring up. You will need to guard your money well during this month or you will find yourself struggling through the entire year.

Take care to keep your emotions under control during January 2014. Stabilize your love life and keep your creative drive under control. Understand what is in your heart and fine tune your emotions. Relationships will be your first responsibility in January.

Everything has been a bit difficult during 2013. You earned your way and worked so very hard only to see it taken by situations that were not of your control. In January 2014 you might start to see the rewards of your hard work since these situations are past. You might feel that you are lucky, but really you are harvesting what you planted in years past.

Your high aspirations are great but you do need to keep on the spiritual and mental roads that will bring you to success. Learn, research and try and find that golden ring. You can do it with mental toughness and perseverance. Don't let down during January 2014. Keep things going on an even keel, and avoid taking risks just yet.

The movement of the planets during January 2014 will help all signs develop a greater understanding of those they come in contact with. You will meet people with eccentric outlooks on life who will be enormous assets to your own life. Romantic relationships and close friendships will bring you gigantic pleasure. Relationship will also bring you pain during January as the planets move into your houses of relationships. Unpredictability is always the word of the month, but keep your involvements fresh. Make sure you find January, a cold and dreary month, one of excitement by delving into new ideas and projects.

January 2014 demands that you develop all the muscles of our body, including your mind. This is the way to make it through the rest of the year. Health and wellness, mental acumen and spiritual awareness, financial health and Jupiter moving into your income zone are important. You will find the knowledge, strength and good luck to have the funds you need when you need it. Just plan for contingencies.

One final piece of advice, if you live in a snowy region, make snow angels.


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