Horoscope for January 2014 for Taurus

Horoscope for January 2014 Taurus Taurus as you move into January 2014 the sun enters your house of home and family and keeps you feeling warm. You will take charge of situations when you are with family and bring them to a consensus on issues that could become difficult. Be assertive in family decisions and take your role as the head of the household. Connect with children if you have them or with the other children in your family. This is a great time to celebrate beginnings with loved ones. Do initiate good parties and family reunions. Take the time to find old friends and apologize for your awful words in the past.

Energy is added to your career. This is the best month for new beginnings and if you are thinking of starting a family now would be great. Work with the New Moon and set goals to add more fun to who you are. Reconnect with your inner child and begin to lighten up.

Your house of health and wellness will be emphasized on the 16th. This brings more balance into your life as you take time for healthy routines. Your goal to lose weight will be enhanced during this period and you will begin to take better care of yourself. You might just start throwing away that cabinet of drink that is just not healthy. When you find yourself you will have a glow that attracts others to you. Compromise on what you once believed and find your way back.

Around the 20th of the month your new career path will be enlivened. You seem to be able to breeze through all the exams and tests that you are challenged with. You can do it is now your attitude. You realize that you have the ability to get where you want to go. It has taken a long time to get here, but age makes no difference. Be unconventional.

As Jupiter shifts though the month your sense of compassion is highlighted. Get out of your comfort zone Taurus and do something for someone one else. Let your inner commitment to others come forth. The greatest gifts you have include your intellect and your ability to charm. Be true to yourself and learn to respect who you are. With respect come balance and a sense of others.

The end of January 2014 is great for all the creative endeavors that you want to try. Want to try wood crafting as a hobby? Go for it. Your house of creativity will be very uplifting the last week of the month.

Take care that you are awake on the 1st of January 2014 as well as the 3rd and 4th. You are on high alert and may be called to finish a task that remains undone from last year. The 9th is a very good day for you and you will find that you are asked to give a speech to your office makes. Take time to breathe deeply on the 11th and the 13th is your lucky day. You will find that you have extra money on the 15th. The 30th and 31st are also good days for you.

Beware that you stay at home under the covers on the 7th and take care of your cold on the 23rd. Wish that you had someone to love on the 27th and the 29th is a day when you should not venture out at night.


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