Horoscope for January 2014 for Libra

Horoscope for January 2014 Libra Libra January 2014 will be highly social. Leo lights up you house of friendship and relationships. You might take on a leadership role for your team at work or you may find that you have been elected president of your book club. Friends will want to be with you and express their appreciation for what you have done for them. You have high charm and charisma this month. Use this charm to rally others around causes that will benefit your community. Host a party.

If you need to improve you goals and resolutions you will be better able to on the 6th of January 2014. Fun might be you priority this month, but do get some other things out of the way first. Volunteer and have a great time with those you love. The New Moon will give you high energy to deal with your children or with children. You will connect with children of all ages. You goals might also include being a part of a youth organization.

When you find that Venus is entering your house of personality you might just find that you are more attractive this month than usual. You can persuade those in your office to your way of doing assignments. Might want to get fashion maker over or a new hair style. This will bring you up to date.

Creative inspiration is yours as Aquarius enters your house of inspiration. You might just want to write the great American novel or just paint. Maybe you dance when you clean. That is great! If you are committed you will have a new appreciation for your love's quirks. Singles find yourself drawn to someone the opposite from you.

Jupiter is working toward your house of compassion. The middle of the month will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and do something totally out of character. You might want to hold on to your dreams during the middle of January.

There will be a difficulty balancing energy between family, career, and new relationships. This is really common especially in January 2014, but you need to make changes before you are totally out of energy. Uranus in your house of relationships will bring drama. Your partner is tired of the status quo and is demanding that you do something about it. Good luck.

Search your soul during the time of the Full Moon. This will bring about the need to budget and determine how much you can contribute to a savings account. Do not be critical during this time; just go for what you can do. Make plans to find other ways and means to make money.

Awesome days include the 3rd and 4th plus the 11th and 10th. Take care that you do a great job on projects on the 15th. You will find a reward in your end of the month paycheck. Take care of a sick family member on the 17th and be rewarded with stories and epitaphs that you have never heard before. The 20th and 23rd are special days; take a friend to lunch.

Challenging days include the 11th and the 12th. You will be very ill and sick with worry and anticipation of pending events on the 21st. Take care that you wear warm clothing on the 29th and 30th and take a day off on the 31st to avoid traffic problems.


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