Horoscope for January 2014 for Pisces

Horoscope for January 2014 Pisces Pisces daily routines are refreshed in January 2014. You have creative energy as the sun moves into your house of health and wellness. Find fitness programs that will enhance your life and give you an element of fun. You might find dance or yoga fits the picture of what you want to do. You will shine during January in a very unique way as you look to details that will keep your life in order. Others are inspired by what you are doing with your life, your finances, and your career.

The New Moon moving into your house of goals will help you with your visionary abilities. You can see the big picture but keep the little details important, too. You have the patience this month to map out your future plans. Write them down and be excited. Use the New Moon to get specific about what you want to do with your abilities.

Love is on the rise this month Pisces. As Venus enters you house of the subconscious you feel passionate about a relations that you are committed to. If you are single you will find that everyone seems to be drawn towards you and they want to be around you. If attached you will find that your love is more ardent than ever and will help you deepen your commitment and spiritual connections.

Strong emotions are rising to the surface this month. The energy of Venus will help you stop and step back for fear of scaring your love and friends with your intensity. Do be compassionate, but tread carefully. If there are emotional conflicts in your life, back off. Be polite and avoid being strange and do not let others know you are smart.

The Full Moon brings more energy into your house of spirituality. You do want alone time the last part of January 2014. This is perfect since you need to listen to your inner self and study psychological materials. Meditation and contemplation come easy to you and you always find a connection to a higher power. Use this power to renew yourself and make a grand entry into the New Year.

Self-expression is your inheritance during January 2014. Jupiter moves into your house of creativity and helps you to play it safe. You should take advantage of what comes along in your mind, but you do need to hide a bit to keep your mind secure. Creativity is awesome, but it can be a risk when others don't understand what you are doing.

Nurture those around you. Clean up your relationships and friendships. Find those who are with you and support you. Cling to them. Put the others aside and use them when you need them. Life has just been carrying you along for the last year and how it is time for you to take charge of you own life. Partnerships of every type are important and will benefit from the energy that is you nurturing. Take time to ask everyone you know how you can serve them. Then go to it Pisces.


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