Horoscope for August 2014 for Gemini

Horoscope for August 2014 Gemini Gemini, around August 12th your house of communication will be enhanced by Venus and Jupiter. If you are trying to discuss a sticky situation or just talk to someone you will have great luck. Try entering into negotiations around the 18th of August. You can't fail with these two planets on your side.

Your house of communications, Gemini are further enhanced by romance. You are more charming than usual and more persuasive. You know you can talk anyone into whatever you want them to do. Be fair and don't take advantage of other's vulnerabilities. You have the reins and the means to do well and keep others happy this month.

Your second house of personal finances was left in arrears last month, Gemini, but you don't need to continue to be so frugal that pennies squeal. The blessings that Jupiter will bring to your house of finances is still in effect from July. On August 1st there will be news about a long-term venture. You will smile and hope to be financially successful for the rest of the month.

Remain calm during the first part of August, Gemini as planets square off with Uranus. Your life seems to take on its own meaning and love and finances could be effected. Go with what comes your way in finance and love. Don't rock the boat. Remain cool as a cucumber in the face of adversity.

Your good days are the 2nd and 3rd. These days you will find money flows into your bank account. Not a great deal, but enough. On the 12th you are tired of arguing with family members and a love apologizes. On the 15th things are awesome with your new raise and on the 20th you are looking at new cars. On the 21st you sign the paperwork for a new car and take off on a family trip.

Unlucky days in August, Gemini include the 1st which is never a good day due to work pressures. The 7th is anxious with bad news coming from corporate headquarters. On the 18th you will be challenged in your presentation to the company and on the 24th you are embarrassed by co-workers who call you on the carpet in an open meeting. On the 25th your desk is moved and you have a new office; rather a new cubical to work in. It is awful. On the 26th you protest your new location and are told to deal with it. On the 29th your vacation plans are put on hold due to medical conditions.


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