Horoscope for August 2014 for Capricorn

Horoscope for August 2014 Capricorn Capricorn, August is the time of the year to take a break. Long weekends are great, but you need more than just three or four days. Venues, Mercury and the Sun are working with Jupiter and Leo to convince you to take a long and extended vacation. Plan to go to an exotic place, use your savings, and dream big. Go to someplace foreign that you have always dreamed of visiting. You will feel like a totally different person when you return, Capricorn.

Relationships that are serous lately could become even more passionate in August. You don't really like romance, but August will be the romantic month for you. Planets moving in Leo are the planets of love and will give you're the impetus to relax, and be sensitive. Your love will be extremely happy! Do something wonderful and exotic; take a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast in the country.

On August 10th the Full Moon will bring a spotlight to your financial matters. The Moon in Aquarius will help you come up with a business plan that is not particularly conservative, but is innovative. What a great time to ask for investors, look for small business loans, and get advice on building up your own business. You cannot be successful without advice and investors.

On August 25th the New Moon will dance with Mercury. You will have the inspiration to get out of town and try something different. A road trip will be awesome and spontaneous. Find a new restaurant in a different town giving you a reason to come back and visit again.

Wonderful days for you Capricorn include the 10th and 11th. Your vacation is more wonderful than you thought it would be. On the 15th through the 20th of August you start to slow down on vacation and think about coming home. On the 21st home will be the best place for you to be. On the 23rd you begin a home makeover and on the 25th you sit back and look in satisfaction at your new home interior.

On the 1st and 2nd Capricorn be prepared to be anxious and challenged. The 8th is a day to get ready for vacation and it is stressful. On the 18th, right in the middle of your vacation, you get very sick and spend the night in the hospital. On the 26th you try and return to work, but you are too weak. On the 29th you must stay in bed for quite a while and on the 29th you might want to go see a specialist.


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