Horoscope for August 2014 for Aquarius

Horoscope for August 2014 Aquarius Aquarius, look in the mirror. What do you see? A good person, and someone who on the 10th of August and the Full Moon will want a makeover. No problem you can go to the gym, the spa and become who you really want to be, physically. Stop what you are doing right now and become more interested in how you look and feel.

Aquarius you may feel during August as if you cannot seem to get ahead in any way shape or form in the love department. Saturn is the one laying roadblocks for your love life. Enjoy the fun energy of plants who are lounging about in Leo and your house of encounters. You will be convinced that you can find someone who respects and admires you. You will have a tremendous time flaunting your new look.

Spend on your love in August, Aquarius. Spend big on the 17th and 18th of August. Pulling out the credit card is not frugal, but it is fun; and sometimes you need fun. Don't be foolish; listen to Saturn when he tries to tone you down.

On the 25th of August when the New Moon moves with Mars, Saturn and Mercury you will be in a really great mood Aquarius. You can tackle joint finances, domestic problems and the interesting gossip in the office. Be careful in August Aquarius. Your decisions will have a long lasting effect on you and your family.

Fulfilling days in August Aquarius include the 1st when you get new assignments. The 6th is great for listening to seminars and taking part in brainstorming sessions. On the 8th take your co-workers and team to lunch and listen to their ideas. On the 15th your paycheck reflects more vacation days than you thought you had. On the 18th don't listen to your co-workers gossip and complain. You are satisfied with your life and have nothing to talk about. On the 23rd take care you are not in a bad mood. Actually you will be so energetic and happy and your family is amazed.

Don't be surprised if on the 2nd and 3rd nothing seems to go right Aquarius. These are the days in August when you just can't seem to get ahead in any aspect of your life. On the 7th things might turn around, but a car accident will make things dicey. On the 17th you will argue with a co-worker and one of your must quit the office. On the 25th decide to make a change in your life and on the 26th do it! On the 28 you will be challenged in everything you say and do. It is okay, you are up to the challenge.


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