Horoscope for August 2014 for Virgo

Horoscope for August 2014 Virgo Virgo, When the New Moon on August 25th passes through your sign, Virgo it is time for a personality and possibly physical makeover. Go shopping for a new wardrobe. You might want to try plastic surgery. Keep it quiet if you choose this route.

Planetary energies are flowing from your house of secret moments. You might fall madly in love or lust with a co-worker. You are practical so you know this is not the way to go. You won't be blinded but think about the motivations behind your actions. If you are attracted to someone, talk to them and see if they reciprocate.

Around August 1st and again on the 26th Venue will decide to influence you to help someone else. If may be a loved one, a friend or an in-need co-worker. If you hve not put aside rainy-day funds you will not be able to help them. Start now saving for rainy day funds. If you need help ask an elder to advise you.

You do not like to spend time along Virgo. If you are working on a project and you don't like anyone's involvement into that project is a good time, however, to work alone. You will not feel like mingling when Mercury and Pluto get together in your house of solitude. Don't worry about hurting other's feelings, they have their own projects, too.

Good days for you Virgo include the 6th. This is the day when co-workers will help you with projects. On the 8th you finish early and get to go home early. On the 9th things are dicey, but you can work through then with dignity. On the 18th you have a difficult time communicating with a partner. All they want is tender conversation. You can provide this! On the 27th a great day to go on a picnic with family and or friends. You will find a new place to go and it will be awesome. On the 28th take the time to listen to your intuition. It will tell you to go shopping! On the 29th things are so good you take the day off.

Bad days include the 1st when you discover you have no savings left. On the 2nd you try to take out a loan but are denied. The 3rd you overhear others as they attack your work. This makes you very unhappy. On the 7th the day is rainy for August and you forgot your umbrella. On the 15th paychecks are sparse and you have had it with working for peanuts. On the 25th you have an exceptional bad day: you lose your keys, your wallet is stolen and your computer does not boot up. Sign. Some days are like that.


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