Horoscope 2014 for Capricorn

Horoscope 2014 for Capricorn Capricorn as with many signs these last few years have been difficult. The planets were conspiring against what you wanted to do and stress was the normal condition of your life. You were tested and pushed to the limit. Not everyone comes through these trials intact, but you did. Your stress mainly came from strife and contentions within your family. Drama was the watchword and there were many events that lead to arguments, breakups and the family being in peril. This year will be so much better! You love stability and want to make things work in your relationships and family times. Uranus in your house of family will still cause disruptions, but you have learned to handle these and you will carry on with patience. Cope with trends; this pattern of disruption is going to be the norm for many years to come.

Neptune runs into your house of intelligence and you want to take a serious interest in areas that are highly mystical. Learn more about what makes you tick and learn to love you. You have a practical mind that makes you an ideal candidate for higher education and working with people.

It’s almost funny that your most successful achievements were also your most stressful. There were issues that came from underlings and competitors as well as those who wanted to be with you. You do not long to be on the top of the ladder, but only the best person you can be. You desire to be at the epitome of you skills. Be reminded of who you are Capricorn, and take in stride the criticisms and failures of your past.

Jupiter moves into your house of romance in 2014 and brings the arrival of a new life with a partner or a new partner altogether. There may be an expansion of your family and your social life. If you are a couple with someone the chance of moving together in harmony is high. Jupiter, however, loves liberty, and will challenge your desire to be with someone. Love is not practical and you need to be aware that love takes a great deal of sacrifice and work. If you are single, this might be the year you find someone to enliven your life. Be aware that you need to be the person someone else wants to be with, too. The entire issue of love and romance will be very complex for you this year and particularly during the months of January through June.

Pluto will slowly move into your sign between the first and the end of January. You might find that you have more money than you have ever had and this bring corruptions. Reinvent yourself and become someone who is not easily swayed by money and power. With extra money you find it very challenging to relax and you are constantly moving, thinking, focusing on many tasks. You want more money and you assume full responsibility for everything at work and it is very difficult for you to delegate. Delegation may stop the flow of money. This will be your downfall if you let it.

Your career path might change this year. You will find that you need a higher degree or education to advance and become more of a person rather than a worker. Cultivate a positive attitude, live in the now and always express your thanks to those who are helping you. This includes a higher deity. Remember that there are no coincidences in your life Capricorn.
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