Horoscope 2014 for Aquarius

Horoscope 2014 for Aquarius Aquarius you are the water carrier, the humanitarian, the nurturer. You are not emotional, but you do make sure that everyone you are responsible for has what they need. Personal matters take over in 2014 from career issues. Your love life and finances and family is most important during the first part of the year. You are a non-conformist and demand that your family value your independence. You want to work in unconventional methods and this can be very confusing to those around you. Find a balance in your life between what you must do and what you want to do.

You will work harder than ever, but you realize that your career is not as important as your family. As Saturn moves in your house of family you need to show those in upper management that you are a family person as well as a career person. You are a respecter of work habits and abhor laziness.

You are one of the hardest working signs in the zodiac and when Saturn moves into your sign your rewards will come about from your hard work and effort. Take note this year that if you are not prepared to work on an assignment you will not get perfect results. There are career commitments you want to take on in 2014 that will be very difficult and you cannot finish them. This will cause anger and discouragement. Have patience and do not become too down heartened when things do not work out.

Saturn moving in Scorpio causes stressful alignments for you. You might feel a lack of energy. Slow down for a bit take time to reenergize. Coasting along on a cloud is not in your personality; but you need to take it easy from March to May.

From the first of January until the middle of July 2014 Jupiter will be in your house of career. You will develop many new skills during this time period and discover a huge outlet for your creative abilities. The beginning of the year will bring great optimism and new ideas of work and play, but beware the last half of 2014 is going to be very challenging in your career.

The trend to be spiritual is still going on and 2014 makes your spiritual ambition even more emphasized. You are moving spiritual materials out of your life that are difficult to understand and have no place in your life. This is the Age of Aquarius, again. Discover your own truth of life and living. If you don’t like what is in your mind and heart, change it. Work towards balancing your life. Study traditional spiritualism, Wicca, or nontraditional beliefs that will bring you deep satisfaction. Blog about your journey into spirituality and inspire others to join you. Be free to explore who and what you are. Don’t be difficult however, if you are looked on with a bit of horror.

Neptune is your financial planet and moves into your financial house. Money will be accentuated and wealth becomes a deeper part of your life. Tap into what you can do to learn how use spiritualism as a guide to investments. Sounds interesting and is also a trend that can go on for many years.

You are an awesome communicator and people love to listen to your ideas. They often sit at your feet in awe. Portray your intellectual interests to others and do be aware of health and your work ethics. You will truly find love this year and if you are committed that love will be enhanced and deepen.
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