Horoscope 2014 for Pisces

Horoscope 2014 for Pisces Pisces 2014 moves Neptune into your sign where he will reside the entire year. You will have a deeper understanding and confidence concerning your earning power and the power of money. You have elevated energy vibes and feel that you can do whatever you want in regards to investments and the way you earn money. As your guiding star Neptune blends your personality into a whole and you become more intuitive, psychic and sensitive this year. This is very positive and you will be able to sense the needs and emotions of those around you.

From the first of January until July 16th be aware of bankers, financiers and those you query for loans. They will offer you loans to help you with purchasing a home, but all is not as it seems. Get your financial affairs controlled and organized and read between the lines of contracts. This year is the perfect time to make sure all emotional, physical and mental activities in your life are smooth.

If you are a student in an institution of higher learning 2014 will be a very difficult period. You will need to work very hard on your studies. You will not receive any lucky breaks and only hard work will get you through. If you are not a student, your belief systems and career will be much challenged. Hard work will be your saving grace.

Physical and mental activities are emphasized. Be sociable and do get in touch with friends you have not seen for a very long time. You have talents that need to become more centered on your career and family. Social networking is good, but face to face communication is even better. Capricorn moves through your house of associations and brings in more friendships that need to be managed. Concentrate on your talents in communicating.

As the year moves forward your imagination will become focused. Tune into the information you need to finish projects in your career. Those who know you understand how rich your life is and will ask you to share your secrets. Be a teacher and show them how creative you can be. The last six months of the year will teach you exactly what you need to know to keep your life balanced. You have great intuition and this is important. As the year goes on your perceptions will become more and more valuable to others. You can size up an individual in a few seconds and tune your personality to match theirs. Your ability to scoop up people and things into your life will play very a very large part in your 2014. Involve yourself in groups and committees that are beneficial to the community. Reach out and share your talents frequently this year. There is a whole community out there who needs your talents.

You will have great joy in finance, home and children. Fun is a part of who you are and work and health the last of the year is emphasized. All things that focus on body and image are important to you. Currant exercise regimes are perfect and keep you trim and fit. Do not let down any time during 2014. Your greatest fulfillments in 2014 will be work and health. Emphasize more on sculpting your body from the 16th of July to the end of the year.

You are in tune to metaphysics and religion. Studies will bring you to an understanding of the different aspects of your life and balance will keep you on the right track.
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