Horoscope 2014 for Virgo

Horoscope 2014 for Virgo Virgo learning to deal with change during 2014 will be your challenge. You can conquer these encounters with the help of good friends who gently move you forward. Jupiter has moved into your house of friends and will be there for most of 2014. The year ahead is a very strong social year for you. You have great and important friends and a networking circle that is astounding. More new friends will enter your circle and you will be very happy for their support and ideas. Be outgoing and give Jupiter the thumbs up. Jupiter in your house of socializing is telling you to be friendly and charismatic. Pursue you social ambitions; it will be empowering. Learn the differences of being confident or just being a show-off. Don’t keep telling people what you know; it can be annoying.

Love life over the past few years has been unstable. You may have experienced break ups, divorces, or separations. 2014 will bring more calm and a better chance of finding the one enduring love that you will need in the coming years. Your love life should be more spiritual this year since Neptune moved into your house of love and relationships.

As an eternal optimist you believe that life is a fairy tale. If you believe; it will be. Pluto transits into Capricorn and this will help create your fairy tale life. Love life, creativity and relationships with family and children will be fun and pleasurable during the second half of 2014. These might changes as the year goes on. Beware that change does not become so deep and cutting that you lose what you have in family relationships. There is a possibility that the cuts will be deep and hurting and continue until 2026.

Pluto brings an awareness of where you want to be in family and career. Believe in yourself and learn who you are, how you think and how you will act to others. Believe in spiritual beings and lean on them when you need direction and comfort. Create your life from the inside out instead of depending on others for your satisfaction and contentment Virgo.

Unlucky Saturn is moving out of your house of finances and you might just feel an almost immediate increase in your finances. 2014 will bring an easing of financial difficulties. Sigh and be content. Do be aware, however that communications will be emphasized and you will need to talk about finances to your loved ones. This type of communication might just keep you on track.

Communication in the form of lecturing, tweeting, emailing, blogging and every other aspect of communication will be highlighted in 2014. From July through November you will be a powerful clog in the wheel of communication. If you are an educator make sure you are clear in your communications. Ask for support from siblings when things look difficult in your career Virgo. Make sure you are loyal to your friends and family and by the end of June be aware of neighbor commitments. Work with community and voluntary work to distract you from depression.

Set boundaries Virgo between you and the world. Take care of yourself and make health a priority. Nothing is seen to be difficult, but it can be if you are not careful. In 2014 you will love intellectual interests as well as children and leisure activities. There are love and romance issues abounding in your life and you might find that past lives bring on romantic interests.
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