Horoscope 2014 for Sagittarius

Horoscope 2014 for Sagittarius Watch out for those who will impose boundaries on you this year Sagittarius. They might be spouses or friends, family or lovers, but they will try to chain you down. You do not like this and probably will cause disruptions in relationships. The past few years have been times of testing and now you are ready to help others through difficult times. You are so ready for a real love and an awesome family. Recognize the value of trials and be happy you were pushed to the edge. Rejoice that the edge came up lacking.

During the first half of 2014 you will find that Jupiter is in your house of properties and investments. Benefits will come through the sale of possessions or maybe past investments will become fruitful. You might gain an inheritance that brings you money; however it will also have strings attached.

You long to travel overseas and perhaps further your education. If you study philosophical subjects you will open new possibilities in your life. This will not happen, however, until the end of the year. You will have wonderful successes in studies and have the opportunities to travel after July.

Health is awesome! You have your vim and vigor back and your aches and pains seem to be cured. Energy is at your disposal and this opens up even more possibilities. Success in your health will continue to be with you Sagittarius if you eat well and follow your exercise regimens. Do take your pets for a walk on a nightly basis; they need exercise too.

2014 brings about a special realization of how much your family means to you. Uranus moves into your house of family and brings changes of romance and fun. You might want to indulge in creative pastimes that can only be done in your home. Your new pastime might have a commercial value and be a second opportunity to make money. Spend valuable time working in your community and on your social life. Who knows where it can go! 2014 sees you being on your own more; computer games, reading, or social networking. Try to socialize face-to-face and stop escaping from reality. Above all, stop the drinking habits especially when you are alone. These habits will cause suffering for others in addition to you.

Eliminate all the inefficiencies in your financial world. You are usually wonderful at parties and with friends but stop loaning money to everyone who asks. Investment opportunities come to your life and you will need to be very proactive to make money. Learn to pay yourself first from any paychecks you receive, however and maybe invest in land and property. Earn your living and keep your beliefs on the sanctity of working. Learn more lessons about money this year Sagittarius and you will have wealth for the rest of your life. Stop being a profligate spender and set a budget. You have plenty, but Pluto will tighten your money reins is you are not careful.

2014 will see you taking care of relatives that are needy. They do not need money but time and effort. Don’t be selfish with time and care for those who need a helping hand. If you do not have relatives that are needy in a physical sense, volunteer at a soup kitchen several times during the year.

You do get bored very easy. With that in mind learn to work on projects a little at a time until they are completed. Don’t throw your energy to the wind. Focus and balance. This is the year to finish all those at home projects that never seem to get done.
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