Horoscope 2014 for Aries

Horoscope 2014 for Aries Determined and crazy Aries! 2014 forces you to think with optimism and expand your knowledge. Jupiter is in your house of home and family and will stay there until the middle of the year. This means that an enlargement of your family circle may happen and this event will be anticipated with excitement. The first six months of the year will bring new accommodations or a remodeling of your existing environment. When you are done, your life will be much expanded and you will be almost giddy. When Jupiter moves into your house of children during July, your family experiences will be dramatic and happy. You will love everything about life. You might find that you are expanding you family in different ways than you thought.

Focus on quality rather than quantity in all aspects of your life during 2014 Aries. Saturn begs you to ask questions about money and belongings and desires to share the reserves you have with others. You might want to join a volunteer group as a family and teach your children what it means to have little. Do not be cavalier about what is going on in the work around you. Divide up your resources in a precise and welcomed manner. Do not let sex be the driving force in your relationships.

During February Neptune will travel through your house of spiritual values. Your spiritual life will be emphasized and you will need to find a religion that fits into your life style. You are highly intuitive and you do need to feel more aware of what your family and friends need. Fund-raising, community ventures, and helping the students in your local schools will be how you help people. You will not receive any type of publicity through your efforts but there will be personal satisfaction from your work.

In 2014 Pluto, who is very powerful for you, and highlights your popularity. Prestige and recognition is important to you and you want people to notice you. You will have great self-confidence that you can do what you want to do and do it in a great manner, and your beliefs in yourself are strong. The perfect career path is to be an educator a politician or work in profit and non-profit organizations. You have charisma and personality plus that take you out of the office and into the public eye. Rise to the top of the corporate ladder in your work department and keep on climbing. Initial relationships and communion with those in your professional as well as your personal space need to be worked on. Don’t be so “I am always right” in your attitude. You are reaching for something and it might be a new way to communicate. You are not intimidated when you know something is right and you will literally fight through obstacles this year.

Launch projects, complete them in 2014 but do bring in others to help you. Express what you need and want done in terms that those around will definitely understand. You will have to learn patience and calmness during 2014. It will drive you crazy if you think you are the only one who is right and no one will listen.

Finally this year will bring an end of difficult health issues for you and your family Do be aware however of excess and avoid being stressed and overburdened with responsibilities that will undermine your health. Watch out for stress that affects your spine and back. You do not want to be crippled for most of the year. Find those hobbies and accomplishment that bring you peace. Read with your small children every night and make it a habit.
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