Horoscope for October 2014 for Aquarius

Horoscope for October 2014 Aquarius Aquarius, you are so angry. Last month was awful and this month is not better. You need to let your frustrations go, and around October 5th you can let off steam. Mars in your house of secrets has been making you suffer in silence and will only allow you to express your rage when you are alone. The 5th of October 2014 however will startle Uranus who does not keep secrets. Speak out!

Things are turning chillier and colder this month Aquarius and the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio on the 23rd to warm things up in your relationship. When Halloween comes around, you will be so excited with your new love. A solar eclipse on the 23rd and in your house of groups gives you a much needed boost of love. You will quickly know how the relationship turns out.

Working so hard this last bit has been mind-consuming, but around the middle of October 2014 the Sun, Venus and Mercury will help you get connected with business partners and work your magic. You will also attract investors who admire your business sense and ambition.

Uranus is in your house of domestic matters has caused disagreements in your home for several weeks Capricorn. You have had to be the peace maker in disputes. Perhaps a few more of those arguments will happen the end of October, but you are not emotionally involved this time. Let others work things out on their own.

Thank the heavens for the 5th and 6th of October. Days when projects are finalized and one family dispute is over. On the 13th and 14th plus the 15th you are rewarded with a larger than normal paycheck and the opportunity to take friends and family out. October 26th is a pleasant day. Things are finished, home disputes are subsiding and new friends are asking you out for drinks. Take it as a red-letter day Capricorn. On the 27th discover a treasure when you clean out your closet. It will not bring you money or fame but it will add a dimension to your wardrobe. The 28th is one of the best days to plan a Halloween party. So go for it!

Unlucky days for you in October, include the 3rd and 4th of October. Days when everything is challenging. You are working hard to get assignments finished and at the same time trying to keep family member from arguing. The 7th is challenging as you get a traffic ticket on your way to work. Watch out for the 16th. The weather has turned nasty and you will be injured walking across the street. The 17th is a day of painful recovery. You have no time off so you have to stay at work. You and your injuries go to the doctor on the 22nd and nothing is healing as it should. The 23rd sees you in another doctor's office getting a second opinion.


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