Horoscope for October 2014 for Pisces

Horoscope for October 2014 Pisces Pisces, October 8th, the Lunar Ellipse in your house of finances brings your attention back to money matters. You must resolve issues making your world confusing and difficult. Your mission is to stop spending without thinking. Watch others in the office. They are thinking about having our removed from office.

It is easy for you to bring new admirers to your life in October. Be warned. Don't let anyone get comfortable in your life or in your mind until they do something trustworthy. If something is not quite right around the 11th of October, pay attention to it. You will need information on October 25th to settle arguments.

Step up Pisces and take the spotlight. You need to take credit for your part in professional assignments that have gone well. Your ream has your back and will support you. The team has accomplished much and you, as the leader are responsible for the success. Take a bow.

Uranus and Mars have impulsive planetary energies. When they lash out the result can be unsettling. On October 5th you will be caught off guard by situations that seem circumstantial. You know that there is no such thing a coincidence. Listen to your intuition and other team members around you.

Fantastic days for you in October, Pisces includes the 5th. You step into the spotlight, take command, and wow the audience. On the 6th keep taking accolades for your performances. The 13th is a red-letter day and you are asked to speak at many clubs and promotions. You are overjoyed. Especially since they will pay you! On the 14th talk to your boss about a temporary leave of absence. On the 22nd you re granted that leave. The 23rd beings you a new career and the 24th of October 2014 enhances that day. On the 26th take your bows as you receive acolytes from your peers. The 27th is family date night.

Yucky days in October 2014 include the 3rd and 4th. The weather turns somewhat blustery and your planned outdoor autumn party is ruined. The 7th is particularly challenging as you try to reschedule your party plans and find a cheaper venue to hold them. On the 10th you are coming down with a cold and the flu, 11th you need to stay home and rest. The 16th is a very slow day at work, but a confusing day at home. You are not sure which is worse. The 25th is highly difficult. You can't seem to shake your cold and you are unable to start the round of holiday parties.


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