Horoscope for October 2014 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for October 2014 Sagittarius Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius in October 2014 all move into your house of personality and appearance on October 5th. Get a makeover! This is the perfect day for taking chances and seeking thrills. Don't risk your physical safety, however.

A Lunar Eclipse on October 8th draws Uranus into the mix of your planet alignments. Your fifth house of lovers, associates and children will be enhanced. There is someone from one of those groups who will surprise you. Stay open to positive circumstances.

Around October 11th Sagittarius Venus and Uranus face off. Your will find your savings are being drained to take care of financial woes for friends. You are sure you will be paid back so it does not matter to if you will have no savings left. Do be aware, however that when Venus and Uranus pair things can be a bit difficult.

On October 14th a sextile between Venus and Jupiter occurs. You will get the travel bug and begin plans for leaving during the holidays. Far-off places have always drawn you Sagittarius and making plans on the 14th will be easy and successful. You would love to take a new friend. Might turn into a great romance.

Wonderful days in October 2014 for you Sagittarius include the 3rd and 4th. Clean up your home and get ready for the party season. Everything looks great and goes well. On the 10th purchase a new couch. It is on sale today. On the 14th take advantage of the great weather to go outside and jog around the block. On the 20th remember you have a party to go to. You will arrive a bit late but make a grand entrance. On the 21st finish up projects before the deadline and receive praise and accolades. On the 25th finish up and take off early for home.

No so great days for you in October, Sagittarius include the 1st, 2nd and 7th. Your teammates refuse to move along on projects. You are frustrated and try to take them to task. They do not listen and you are forced to go to a supervisor. Negotiations are not fruitful. The 11th of October 2014 you may discover someone in your home is a thief. You can't seem to get to the bottom of things and it is highly frustrating. The 12th of October 2014 is a day to close your eyes and just pick something to do. Everything needs help in home and work. On the 16th you still have not received your paycheck. Maybe it was lost in the mail. The 23rd is not a day to play around. Dig in and get work finished. You will be sorry if you don't. The 24th is a take - off day.


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