Horoscope for March 2014 for Aquarius

Horoscope for March 2014 Aquarius Aquarius awesome events are coming for you in March. You love change and all change is good for you. You will love every minute of your new position in both personal and family lives. On March 1st the new moon will move into your house of finances and the urge is to save money is very high. You might also want to start a new business. Do start a business with a partner and found a business that you are familiar with. Hobbies make great new business ventures.

You may feel that your love doesn't appreciate how much you do for them Aquarius. You feel that you are special and desire the proper recognition. This is a weird attitude and your relationship may not survive with this attitude on your part. Yet, Venus in your house of personality and appearance will give you the push to make yourself over. Change your appearance and you will attract different types of people. Be careful however. Your clothes and hair are not the real you. Avoid being "stuck-up."

Someone who wants to get you into their business approaches you during March. They have a get rich quick scheme. Run away as fast as you can! Nothing is good in a get-rich-quick scam. The 22nd of March brings this same person trying harder than ever to get you into their net. Call the authorities; what they are touting is illegal. Situations in business are difficult to decipher on March 25th. Take care that you ask for advice.

On March 30th when a second new moon occurs you will have you house of communications activated. Avoid arguing with friends and family. Walk away if someone wants to argue with you about politics or religion. Be yourself and take care to listen to those around you. Don't be a push-over, however. Stand your ground when you feel you are right.

Your challenging days Aquarius include the 3rd when weather disrupts your plans. The 10th is equally as destructive and on the 11th you might want to stay away from the office or your work place. The 21st and 22nd finds career and family a terrible hassle. You have coworkers badgering you for information you do not have. Family begs for money that is not available. On the 23rd finish your projects; but one of them will be rejected. The 28th and 29th are difficult days, but you can endure if you pray.

Happy days for you Aquarius include the 1st 2nd an 5th. The 12th is a wonderful day when you get a nod for a promotion and the 13th and 14th bring you joy in the career department. March 18th and March 19th are promising days for working situations out with your relationship partner and your siblings. Take the time on the 30th to dig in the garden. Plant those early seeds that will bring you joy in the summer. When working away, think about your blessings and forget the petty little differences that make your life miserable.


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