Horoscope for March 2014 for Virgo

Horoscope for March 2014 Virgo Virgo the Full Moon on March 16th Virgo moves into you house of physical attractiveness. You are urged to make changes in your wardrobe and makeup plus your hair style. Make a first impression! This is the you that people see within the first few second of meeting you. You are ready to trade in your torn up jeans for designer jackets and jeans and you may need to take up washing your face on a daily basis. Do start working out. The moon is frowning on your weight gain and needs you to stop eating unhealthy.

The relationship you started at the Christmas season Virgo is now taking off. You know that this is the one for you and you may be thinking bout taking a major step. Move in and make sure that you see your partner clearly before making a lifetime commitment. You intuition tells this is your soul mate, but you need to introduce them to your friends and family members before you finalize the situation. If you truly love them, so will your family.

March 5th and Venus are the times when your house of career is a bit on the troubled side. You may be put through the wringer during the first part of March. You are almost ready to give up on this job and change to another one. Hang in there until the end of the month at least. Be patient. It will take a bit of time, but you will find that this job is really all that you want. Time will help.

On the 11th of March a meeting with higher ups will be a bit on the nervous side. Mercury forms a square with Saturn and begins to give upper management the right to make you the fall guy. This is the third time you have heard this. Don't be nervous. Just answer their questions to the best of your ability. March may be the last time you have to deal with questions and answers. The will be a favorable outcome by the 21st and you might even find that there is a promotion in the works.

Happy days include the 1st through the 2nd. You are happily moving along in your career and with your relationships. The 12th is also rewarding and the 13th and 14th bring peace to your soul. On the 18th take a mini-vacation or a longer lunch to get errands run. You will feel much better for having finished what you need to do. O the 22nd the day is warm and the garden is calling to you. The 23rd is an awesome day for talking with coworkers. Go out and celebrate.

Challenging days for you Virgo begin on the 1st. This is always a day that brings the bill collectors, bill paying and budgeting. You hate this day. The 10th and 11th are days you need to revisit your budget and make sure you are on track. Another awful time in your life. The 20th and 21st are challenging as you finish up projects that are due on the 25th and the 29th is the day of reckoning. The 30th is never a good day and you should stay home and do something just for you.


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