Horoscope for March 2014 for Capricorn

Horoscope for March 2014 Capricorn Capricorn, you seem to be very interested in and good at business this month. When Mars stops in your house of career and business plus turns retrograde in your house of careers you will know how to together a project package that will wow upper management. March 1st is the perfect day to talk to business partners and perhaps look for different venues to sell or work in. You may have to pass on a promotion to stay in the same city or area for your family's well-being, but that is okay. You know what you are doing and what is best for your situation.

Venus loves you so much Capricorn but will leave you alone on March 5th. She will let you play for unpredictability. If you are single and just seeing someone you may find that things are going very well. Work toward commitment, but put off all promises until the middle of the year. If you are committed however, you might want to seek a bit of freedom, independence and maybe a short vacation from your relationship partner. Don't worry, you are very self-sufficient and will be able to work things out with your love. Breathing room is good for all signs.

Venus and Mercury move in Aquarius and your house of finances. You will definitely find that finances are under the weather during March. Don't worry. You know how to save money for rainy days. You have that savings account you contributed to each month to tap in to. By the 13th of March everything will be okay on your financial front. Take your March 15th paycheck and set aside as much as you can.

On the 29th of March a group discussion with friends finds you on the outs with several of your best buds. This is distressing! Make amends, compromise and communicate and definitely apologize for your part in disputes. Friends are greater than gold. You need to keep them close to you. Don't let the 29th be a day when you find yourself lonely.

Happy days ahead in March include the 2nd and 3rd. The 20th is highly rewarding and you may find that your promotion has come through after all! The 22nd is very good and the 23rd and 24th are awesome days. Watch out for good things to come to you on the 25th and know that a great announcement is pending. Do be happy during March; after all it is the beginning of new things.

Challenging days, Capricorn are the 9th 10th and 11th. The 12th is okay, but you are feeling under the weather. You are particularly challenged on the 29th and you absolutely hate the 30th. Beware of being rude and mean to those you work with. Temper your works with kindness or you will find that the 30th is one of the worst days of your year. Angry words can cause disruption in your work, may cause you to lose your employment, and bring hot and angry tears to your eyes.


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