Horoscope for September 2014 for Pisces

Horoscope for September 2014 Pisces Pisces, on September 21st plan the most perfect getaway. Planets are aligned in Capricorn and now they are moving away. Gather the best information you can find and combine business with pleasure.

Venus is the goddess of love Pisces and she takes September 5th through September 29th to rule in your house of relationships. You don't have to try and you will attract admirers. One of these admirers will make you yearn for commitment and companionship. If you are with someone you will look through the instant gratification and find the commitment.

On the 27th Mercury will spend time in Libra and your house of shared resources. The commitment you made to ex-partners and longer acquaintances and friends will be called, but you can control them. Don't bury your head in the sand any longer Pisces, but explain to them where you are going and what you need. If you owe money; set up payment arrangements.

Mercury moves into Pluto and Uranus between the 9th of September and the 13th. The disruption they cause earns arguments and difficulties in all phases of your life. Mercury moves in, however and forces you to move on. You can then make light of the situation. When emergencies arise this month of September you will be able to handle them in a dignified and calm manner.

Watch out for the 9th of September Capricorn. This is not a good day to spend time with a relationship partner. You may argue more than you like and this causes a breakup. On the 9th go for a walk in the park but do be aware of stray dogs. Don't pet them! On the 12th you are challenged at work when you don't finish a project to your superiors' liking. Don't feel sorry for yourself; just repair the mistakes. On the 13th this unlucky day will bring rainstorms to your outdoor party. Put up tents as quickly as you can.

The 21st is not a good day to start up a new relationship or even try to fix a committed one. Just leave well-enough alone today. The 29th is not a day to take part in social activities. You are better served to just stay at home, alone.

Wonderful day in September Pisces includes the 2nd and 3rd. You can do no wrong on these days and you are actually dancing over challenges. The 5th is a great day to ask for a raise. The 14th is most wonderful for its sunny warmth and forgiveness attitude. The 20th is a good day to go fishing and the 25th is a stay at home day.


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