Horoscope for September 2014 for Libra

Horoscope for September 2014 Libra Libra, September 24th brings the New Moon into your sign. The Sun and Moon together in your first house of personality gives you inspiration to make physical changes. Restore the balance in your life and get back on track both physically and emotionally. Quit the abusive habits and favor better customs of diet and exercise.

September 14th you will see evidence that you are an important person. You will find your love and begin to talk to them candidly. September 21st you and a new partner make plans to be a committed couple. Happy days for you Libra.

September 2nd, Libra, brings out Mercury in your house of personality. On the 27th Mercury sets out for Scorpio and this energy inspires you to greet, mingle and be with new and interesting people. Your mentor in a new business venture is in the new group and new friendships make life bearable.

Your famous charm and wit, cooperation and negotiation skills be on high on the 29th of September. You will be asked to give advice to a friend, mediate a battle and give advice to angry family members. Nothing is a problem for you since you are well versed in negotiating skills.

Watch out for the good on the 3rd and 4th of September. Rewards come your way in your career on these days. The 10th of September finds you with a new love or a more committed relationship and things get heated and wonderful. The 11th is the day when you purchase a new car and it is awesome! The 14th is early for your paycheck, but you really need it! On the 24th of September finalize the project you have been working on for so long. The team is enthusiastic and the presentation and this presentation goes your way. September 25th is a great day to start projects at home. Finish off the wall painting, the floor scrubbing and the bathroom renovations. A full day! The 29th is a great day to take off from work. Sit on the porch in these last warm days of fall and think about the upcoming holidays and the rest of the year.

Challenges will come your way Libra on the 8th and 9th of September. You cannot seem to get your mind in gear and nothing is getting done. You do have a deadline that is fast approaching. 12th of September you lose your keys, misplace your wallet, and forget your lunch. Don't go hungry; visit the vending machine. On the 13th of September your doctor gives you bad news. The little energy loss you are experiencing is actually the flu. Take care of yourself. On the 21st you try to go back to work only to discover you have infected most of the office. Stay at home out of embarrassment. On the 22nd you do feel better and need to get projects finished.


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Horoscope for September 2014