Horoscope for September 2014 for Virgo

Horoscope for September 2014 Virgo Virgo, September 7th and again on the 17th will bring your health issues. Your health is ruled by Mercury and or Chiron and opportunities for quick healing are on your agenda. Health will only be a minor setback.

You love to fix things and that means you try and fix broken people. This is awesome if they want to be fixed, but if not you will be influenced for worse. Trying to fix broken people entails being a very strong person or you may find yourself in the same broken down condition.

The New Moon on the 24th of September casts its light in your house of money, Virgo. Find the inspiration to start up a new business. You find the help you need from unusual sources. Feelings of pessimism about starting a new business indicate you are not ready.

September 25th Jupiter and Uranus brings your house of privacy and intimate moments into the forefront. You and your chosen relationship love will have a "hot" relationship. Ensure you choose wisely before taking on any new relationships. If you are committed, recommit.

Gratifying days for you in September Virgo include the 2nd and 3rd. Take time to listen to advice and red all the fine print in contracts. Now is the time to jump into old ideas and plans and make them work. On the 5th you are rewarded with a new contract. The 10th is very promising when you find the exact location to build your new home. The 15th of September is your last paycheck, but it is very good. On the 20th you sign the papers for a new business. The 21st your loan is approved and on the 25th you can begin renovations.

Challenges come your way on the 6th and 7th when glitches in the contract make it difficult to close and sign. On the 8th you have second thoughts when a sponsor backs out of your deal. The 12th of September is awful when you cannot find the keys to the new office. On the 13th this unlucky day finds your home with a leaky roof and a broken down furnace. Nothing can be worse, though until the 17th when your home is broken into and valuables are taken. September 28th your valuables are found, but they are not in mint condition. On the 29th take a deep breath and keep going.


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