Horoscope for July 2014

Horoscope for July 2014 A new month is always renewal of self and has spiritual significance. Even though it is summer and a lazy vacation time, you should always be learning and changing. Aires is upward flowing in July and Taurus is standing firm in beliefs. Gemini is polarity and looking at things from all sides. Cancer is nurturing and particularly loves this time of the year when warmth and work pull together. Leo is determined to create in July and Virgo is very sensitive and gentle. Libra is balance and has a head on his/her shoulders and Scorpio is the sign of the spiritual. Look to Sagittarius to find direct energy. Capricorn longs for material things. Aquarius represents the family and a need for groups. Pisces is evolution of the spirit and the body.

Jupiter works through July livening up the lives of all signs and encouraging adventure. He will work in family-loving Cancer in July where he attempts to restore old-fashioned family values. As Jupiter moves through Leo in July he will emphasize entertainment and the need to watch celebrity lifestyles. You will see marriages and divorces so common in Hollywood emphasized during July as Venus and Mars runs rapid though the all the signs.

July is a great month to speak your mind as Mars is spending time with Libra. You may need to think about the consequences of your words especially in regards to relationships. Mars continue to try and stir things up until he leaves Libra on July 25th.

Change is always on the mind of all signs. You need to be in the mood for change. Figure out what you need to do to be a whole persona and look to your personal celestial ally to help you. It will serve you well in relationships, family matters as well as finance.

Looking for new sources of income will be a pet project this month. Take your hobby and turn it into a second income or look for a partner to help you in a venture. Do not go it alone or you may fail. Look for relationship partners who think like you in finance and romance matters. You are not really on the lookout for opposites and confrontation, although that could be exciting.

Use all the patience and resilience you have to keep things this month on an even keel. July is traditionally the vacation month and you will need to keep the peace in your family. Compromise and ask for ideas, but stick to your budget and your guns.

Money will be in the back of your mind all month long and do be practical as Venus moves through Capricorn. Settle money matters before taking off on trips or vacations. Make sure loans and debts are paid off and take note of your credit. You will be very equipped to negotiate with lenders and borrowers and the month will end on a good note.


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