Horoscope for July 2014 for Pisces

Horoscope for July 2014 Pisces Summer is a great time Pisces to indulge in your passion for volunteering and doing awesome things for your family. On the 24th of July there is someone in your volunteering group who will point out the flaws in what you do. This deflates your balloon. Resist the urge to react. Take their advice in the spirit it is offered to you. Make great strikes in your chosen profession by not letting hurt and deep feelings get in the way.

Full Moon in July, Pisces, brings deep motions to the surface. You tend to be highly psychic and this Moon happens in your house of visions. You will bond with your peer group and everyone will focus on what you have to say. There is one special person in your group who will understand what you are going through.

You are highly intuitive Pisces and you recognize the great potential that July carries. Around the 4th and 22nd you will be able to talk to people about what they are doing for you and gently correct their ideas. Enlist the support and help from a mentor so they will be there when you need them. Make sure you have the right people in your pocket as you try and work through issues this month.

Watch out for Venus on the 18th of July as she enters your house of loves. Your will have high emotions and find that you want to cry quite a bit. Express you feelings openly and be honest. Don't be dramatic when you are conversing with others. You don't need to add drama effects.

Horrible and challenging days for you Pisces are the 3rd and 4th of July. This year these days seem to be difficult or everyone. With this in mind use your abilities to see though the drama. On the 8th you will find yourself backed into a corner. It will be very uncomfortable since you hate confrontation. On the 19th you job is boring you to death and on the 21st you are told to pick it up or leave. On the 24th you try to walk to work and the heel on your shoe breaks. You are now one hour late and in trouble. On the 27th take the advice you are given to heart. Avoid having a temper tantrum. Ooops. You let it fly. Now you are going to have a really bad 28th of July.

Don't fret. Good days are the 6th when you find a new mentor. The 7th when work is awesome and the day flows quickly by. The 13th is a rewarding day when you get an early paycheck. On the 18th of July people will listen to your ideas and take them to heart. On the 20th be careful of those in the office who are giving you sideways looks. There is something up. On the 23rd you find you are given a special reward for a job well done. On the 25th go out and celebrate the summer season.


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