Horoscope for July 2014 for Cancer

Horoscope for July 2014 Cancer On July 12th the Full Moon will happen in Capricorn and your house of encounters. The influence of this sign, Cancer will make it hard for you to stay quiet if you see and injustice occurring. Volunteer this month to work in a homeless shelter helping those who have so much less than you.

Cancer, the Moon is your ruling heavenly body and you are susceptible to all the moods the Moon hands out. When the Moon is full you wear your feelings on your sleeve. On the 12th when she is shining at her highest in your house of one to one relationships you will want to tell your partner what is on your mind no matter if it is pretty or not. The full Moon is happy to bring things to a head and you mind decide to make your relationship more meaningful.

You also have the Moon planting seeds in Leo and your house of money on the 20th of July. There will be an opportunity to turn your hobby into a business that could bring you a good second income. Market yourself, which isn't easy for you, but if you think of it as a way to stay at home and work, you can do it.

As Venus, Mercury and the Sun take turn passing through your sign and your first house of life Cancer, you will be determined to accentuate the positive qualities of your existence. Your emotional nature will long to jump out whether in love or in anger. Choose the right mood. Protect those you love and nurture those in your household.

Watch out Cancer on the 3th and 4th of July. These are very challenging days and you may find you are in constant arguments with family members and friends. On the 8th you will take charge of an ailing parent and put them somewhere they can be taken care of. This is very sad for you. On the 12th the Full Moon makes you crazy and you can't sit still and just talk. You want to be alone and this causes problems. On the 19th you will be challenged at work, but you can prevail if you are careful. On the 22nd you will head out to the beach and get a flat tire. On the 24th you go to a funeral and on the 28th you have no more energy left.

Great days for you Cancer include the 7th. This is a day when arguments are resolved and you are exonerated. The 23rd is wonderful as you go shopping and find great bargains. The 14th is fantastic and everything you want to accomplish that day gets done. The 18th brings you good tidings from a long lost sibling. The 23rd is a day to play. Don't go anywhere, just play. On the 25th you will have a great adventure with your family. On the 26th you will celebrate July birthdays and enjoy what you have done.


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