Horoscope for July 2014 for Scorpio

Horoscope for July 2014 Scorpio Your house of education in July Scorpio will be visited by the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. You will need to sign up for classes at the local college to get your career off dead center. As they move through Cancer you will seek to find a way to do your higher education online and after work hours.

Venus is very fickle for you in July, Scorpio. She will keep you busy with your relationship partner and when she moves on around the 18th of July you will be able to relax and rest. Go out and enjoy the evening on the 19th with friends, but beware, there are friends who are thinking of you in a more intimate light. Pick the right one and you will find a long lasting relationship.

Your house of resources watches Venus flow through from the 1st to the 18th. Take advantage of the energy you are feeling. Your finances will be highly augmented on the 13th or maybe the 14th. Secrets in investing will be presented at a seminar you attend. Get excited; your finances are about to improve.

On the 19th of July the Sun and Mars form a square and everything will be irritating. Try not to start arguments on this day until the end of the end of the month. Don't lose your temper over little and unimportant issues in your family or at work. You will need all the reserve, strength and power that you have to stay cool, calm and collected. Maybe you should ask for an anti-anxiety prescription?

Challenging times for you Scorpio in July include the 4th. Darn it, anyway. You love the 4th and want to picnic and party. This year, however you will need to be on your best behavior or arguments will cause splits in friendships. On the 5th you will be so mad that you cannot talk and on the 8th you are just angry. The 19th is one of the most irritating days of the month. Find yourself in sticky situations that may be hard to get out of. July 22nd is not a very nice day either. It is the day of your yearly review. You are called on the carpet for things you have done wrong on the job. On the 24th you are at a baseball game and the ball hits you on the leg leaving a huge bruise that hurts. On the 27th the day seems very long. On the 28th of July just stay home in bed and avoid all the challenges of the day.

Be happy, Scorpio. You will have awesome days on the 6th and 7th. The 13th is a day for listening to friends and having a happy tine. The 14th is an early payday and your check is large. The 18th is best for finishing up projects with a happy heart and the 23rd is equally as great. On the 25th take a deep breath that the 24th is over.


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