Horoscope for June 2014 for Virgo

Horoscope for June 2014 Virgo Virgo on June the 13th your energy will be high and you can do so much more in both your home life and your professional goals. You will have the influence of Sagittarius in your dealings with family members which will make things definitely easier. You may decide to take a short trip to restore contacts and conversations.

Your hobby might become a part time job later during June. As the year moves on it might become your primary source of income. You can do it at home and take care of problems there. Your house of career will have Venus visiting on June 23rd and will inspire you to put your creativity to work. Take the rest of the month and next taking classes and learning more about your hobby. It will definitely help.

Your second house of money and success is being taken care of by Mars. He is unleashing is fiery energy and you are spending impulsively. This isn't good for your checkbook! As Mars moves on you will try to live a more frugal lifestyle and put aside your impulse habits. When you go shopping on the 24th and 25th take someone along who is not a shopper.

As Mercury retrogrades on June 7th and 8th you will feel confused and crazy. You will need to write down your goals and rethink your plans for the summer. Don't feel too bad, these plans were a bit on the impractical side! You will get an offer for work on the 17th of June. Think about it before your pull the trigger.

Great days for you Virgo are the 4th and 5th and 6th of June. You are making strides to form your own home business and you are very excited. On the 8th you will sign papers giving you access to different venues to help your new business. On the 17th you will mention to friends and coworkers that you are leaving. On the 18th make sure you do not shut all the doors behind you. You may still need to work for a time. On the 28th have a party with your friends and family and on the 29th keep your relationship alive by being spicy.

You will be challenged on the 7th. People will doubt your resolve to have a home business. On the 11th you are totally devastated as your relationship partner tells you to stop dreaming. On the 12th the rains is awful and you get splashed while standing on the curb. On the 14th you will have a flat tire, drop all your groceries in the driveway, and sit down and cry. On the 19th things just don't get any better with plans for your new business and on the 20th you are turned down for a business loan. On the 24th you need to get up and try again but on the 25th forget about getting up.


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