Horoscope for June 2014 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for June 2014 Sagittarius Sagittarius, The Full Moon in June will be on June 13th and will happen in your own sign and your house of personality and appearance. There will be high-energy inside you and with the meeting of the Sun and Moon you will have many relationship opportunities. You can do what you love to do best with your love. Travel, take classes, and work on your top list of goals.

You will be very focused on everyone else this month. If you have what it takes and you are amused you will stay with someone longer than you planned. You will need to show your natural positive personality and help those who are down and depressed. There will be a huge new cast of people in your life this month. Do enjoy.

On the 23rd of June you will have success with money matters. This energy moves though your house of work and the opportunity to change jobs, either in the company or out for better financial reward will arrive. Venus will also move through your house of health and give you the impetus to spoil yourself. Party, eat and be marry, but be sensible.

On June 7th you will get into a dispute over loans, debs, and inheritances. This is not a great day to talk to siblings. You will be too angry with them. Walk around the block and enter into negotiations when you are less emotional.

Great days for you Sagittarius are the 4th and 6thof June. These will reward you with charm and good companions. On the 8th you will attend an exclusive ball and be the star of the show. On the 17th you might find your projects are all done and on the 18th you will be able to go home early. On the 19th take the time to listen to your relationship love. They have something great to tell you. On the 28th be happy with your new car and on the 29th take your love out to dinner.

No so great days Sagittarius include the 7th. The 12th this is a particularly nasty day and the 13th is not a day to remember. The 14th will find you coming down with a summer cold and not being able to go out after all. On the 24th you will be too happy to give your project to someone else to do. On the 25th you are called on the carpet for unfinished work. On the 26th maybe just stay at home.


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