Horoscope for June 2014 for Capricorn

Horoscope for June 2014 Capricorn Capricorn, Watch the first of June. On June 8th Venus and Pluto will work together to pass through your house of love affairs and your house of personality and first impressions. These two will give you talents to get you noticed by those around you. You will not even have to say a word. You will be immediately noticed. Someone knows you look different and they want to explore.

If you are single, there is someone just like you and as successful as you traveling to your door. Venus is making her way through your home of lovers and wants only the best for you. Watch and be alert on June 18th.

If you have been looking for new sources of income Capricorn and it is in the form of a pet project or a hobby, you will do well on June 18th. You will need a financial investment or some tips on getting started. Do know that the Universe will open all kinds of doors for you.

On the 7th things will not be so good. Mercury will move back though your house and hit emotional Moon. Mars will be totally aggressive and Uranus will be shocked. All these conflicting patterns and emotions are going to try your patience and bring out the worst in you. Try keeping your emotions on an even keel. This means no arguments or sarcastic remarks. You can do it.

Rewarding days for you Capricorn are the 3rd and 4th. Mark these days down in your calendar as red letter days for getting projects finished. You will be highly rewarded. On the 6th you will find your best friend digging through you finances and they have the answers to your problems. On the 8th your family is going out and they want you to stay home. Ya! On the 17th you can take your best coworker mate to lunch and enjoy the warm air. On the 18th look to the skies for inspiration. On the 28th go to a family party and enjoy meeting old friends and relatives. On the 29th finish your gardening projects and take care of your flowers.

Challenging days will be the 7th when you should just remain as chill as you can. The 11th is a very boring day and you fall asleep at your desk. On the 12th you and a co-worker go through the trials of being cube mates and you hate the new arrangement. On the 13th you will fall and scrape your knee and on the 19th you will sprain your ankle. Watch out for traffic patterns on the 24th and forget the guy in the car next to you. Just ignore him! On the 25th make sure you have packed a lunch since you will not be able to leave the office.


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