Horoscope for June 2014 for Gemini

Horoscope for June 2014 Gemini Gemini your ruling planet Mercury moves back and forth for most of June. You will not be happy with communications between you and your coworkers. There are short trips on the horizon and casual conversations will be fulfilling. The good news is that by the 8th of June you will be able to laugh again.

Around June 23th Venus enters your sign and your house of personality and appearance. You will find that you are a magnet for the attention of others. This is not a good thing if you are in a committed relationship. However, if you are single this could be an answer to a prayer.

On June 6th when the Sun is in your sign and forms with Uranus, you will have a huge luck in finances. You might form a new business, find a new inventions or have a breakthrough in your career. Write things down and keep your thoughts in a journal. Don't let the good times disappear.

Mercury will retrograde on June 7th. This place in your house of finances will help you take care of outstanding money matters. You may actually have to be nice to someone who will give you money they owed. Crack the whip when trying to live a frugal lifestyle. Let your family know that they are on the chopping block with credit cards and checkbooks. Keep things to yourself.

Awful days for you in June Gemini are the 7th and 8th. Watch out for catty co-workers who go tattle telling to the boss. You will have to justify your recent duties and way of doing projects. On the 12th make sure you are in a happy mood since there will be clouds running through your family. One the 13th the traditional bad luck with blown gaskets, broken air conditioners and the dog digging up the garden will test your resolve. On the 14th your paycheck is lost and on the 19th you will find it. On the 24th stay at home since you have a cold and on the 25th don't go out in the rain.

Great days for you in June are the 3rd and 4th. These days you can do no wrong. You will be happy, attractive, and exciting. On the 6th you will sign papers for a new business venture and on the 17th you will take the keys to your new home. On the 18th find your romantic partner in a very spicy mood. On the 28th go to a birthday party and celebrate with all the gusto you have. On the 29th be excited that the month is almost over and you can move on to vacation months.


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