2014 Year of Horse Horoscope

In 2014 year the world is continuing to face complications and problems. A strong positive attitude will be needed to get through this year. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard in spending, indulging in drink and food, and overworking. Be a bit on the conservative side.

Mixed fortunes for the year of the Horse. The first part of the year will be favourable for careers but around June on to the end of the year, professions and fortunes start to deteriorate and there will be arguments and conflicts with friends and co-workers. Be prepared for all types of surprises. Avoid running roughshod over friends, family and others who seek your help.

The world is in debt and 2014 will be a year of reckoning. There will be more bankruptcies in businesses and job losses will rise during the second half of the year. The year of the horse brings energy and optimism, but economies may just challenge this hopefulness. Unrest in world societies will bring uneasy attitudes in individual homes. There is still the challenge to keep your head above water in all types of financial endeavours.

January through July focuses on home and family. Those who work in community service businesses will find an increase in fortunes. There will be many creative and intellectual gains this year. Family problems will find solutions in caring and intellect. The Year of the Green Horse brings a longing for family ties and relationships. Siblings will find one another and parents will rejoice in the return of the “prodigal son.” The world wants relationships.

2014 continues with confusion in communications. World governments deliberately misunderstand one another most of the year. Religion plus overseas transactions and travel will be highly frustrating particularly in December. If you want to travel you will have to be very wealthy or proactive. If you are spiritual you will need to be discrete.

To be economically viable, focus on career and responsibilities. Money-making careers and potential is enhanced most of the year. Work as hard as you can and the mid-year will see results in your checking accounts. Wishful thinking: the world’s checking account would be so lucky.

The horse is not a solitary creature and does need support and care. They are energetic but long for a more peaceful existence. Groups will join together mid-summer to give support to each other and sharing becomes very popular. Families and networking systems link up and distribute work.

The need to bond together is very important as unrest continues at a greater pace. Alignments and predictions fear that the earth will suffer with torrential rains and flooding, storms in the ocean and earthquakes in very unusual places. Keep the faith and you will survive the Year of the Green Horse.

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