Horoscope for May 2014 for Taurus

Horoscope for May 2014 Taurus Taurus the sun continues to shin in your house of finances. You will find satisfaction during this time when you do you professional best. Rewards will come to you and you will have a great reputation as a capable person. Contribute to the world and your career by being practical. You have a chance to get acknowledgement for your work. Keep it up, but don't get a swelled head.

The sun moves through your house of acquaintances and friends during the first part of May. It is a high sociable time of the month and you can feel happy! If you are too overwhelmed with work and school, take a break for a couple of house and go out with a friend. Make new connections who can be a part of your future.

Love is still a little far away, Taurus. Your house of love is set high, but you will not find the one you really need, yet. You did let that person who would stand by you get away and you will regret this for the rest of your life. But find a new perspective in the way your think of life and friends. You will find the one you need when you are least expecting them.

Be careful on the 3rd and 4th. These can be days that are dangerous to your health. You think it is spring and warm, but you still need to dress the part of winter. Take care on the 12th and 15th. These are days when you are fooled into thinking you are great. Stop believing that you are better than those around you! Watch out for the 21st and 22nd. They are not good for your travel plans. Stop thinking about going somewhere; stay home. Watch out for the 31st of May. This is the day to eat well and without alcohol.

The 1st is awesome for you Taurus. You will get done with the tests and problems that you are working through. The 19th and 20th are good days to take a road trip. Finish your work on the 24th and you will find that the rest of the month is really quite awesome!


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