Horoscope for May 2014 for Libra

Horoscope for May 2014 Libra Libra during May the Sun is a spotlight on most of your houses. This is the month when you need to be creative and find ways to enliven the rest of the year. You are charming but in a natural and very spontaneous way during May. You are ready to go and long to express yourself in creative pursuits. You can be very playful in May Libra when you are inspired. Great tine for recreation and connecting with children. Go out and enjoy plays and movies. Your ego is all about your children and your romantic partner. That is especially grand for those around you.

From the 15th to the end of the month your house of career is highlighted. You love what you do and take more pride this time of the month than any other time. You might let your health go by the wayside in consideration of your career, but don't let this happen. It is a great time to build skills and particularly physically skills. Get organized and watch your health. Fine tune your routines and make them more organized. Pay attention to details and bring order to your life by looking at the little things that improve everything. This is a great month to get rid of those things that you don't need and don't work in your life. Perfection is you watch word!

Great need to express yourself in May Libra. You should be well received this month as Venus moves slowing though your sign. You are so happy when working with children and doing your hobbies. Your charm becomes more and your romantic life picks up. On the 14th you will need to take care of a friend and responsibilities become clear. You will fill them with aplomb! Domestic matters are highly emphasized in May. It is a great month for bringing harmony to your family life. Keep your health on high! Don't be deceived that all is well.

Days that are not so good for you in May Libra include the 2nd and 3rd. The first of the month and bill paying is always stressful. The next days to watch out for are the 10th and 11th. You will be asked to do more than you can and to finish projects you have no idea how to do. Ask for help. Avoid sitting still in your office on the 15th and 16th. Get up and move.

Good days will include the 12th and 13th. You have finished a "run" and it feels good to have accomplished something. On the 17th you will see your children win awards and this gives you a huge ego boost. On the 20th and 21st finish the rest of spring cleaning and get ready for summer. On the 30th take the time to thank those you live and work with. It will pay off greatly.


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