Horoscope for May 2014 for Leo

Horoscope for May 2014 Leo During May your house of partnership is highlighted. You can learn much through close relationships and getting along with others. Do not push your own agenda or just what you want to do during May. This is a time when you are to form alliances, give back to relationship partners and compromise in your own life. It is a strong month of letting yourself known what others are feeling. Try to understand your partner and their ways. Resist if you can. Talk to your relationship partner before making any important decisions. Form bonds and learn to get along.

Watch your money as usual and do make sure you pay all your bills. There is no one in the wings who will help you if you fall. Your family is tired of trying to make ends meet for you; they have issues of their own. Do it! Follow your dreams. You are much too old to be playing around anymore. Stop procrastinating and especially during May 1st through the 10th.

The Sun in May is in your house of transformation and change. You need to recognize personal growth is important. Stop using other's money and resources and move on toward your own. This is not the best month for you Leo. Take a step back and focus on your life with someone else. Retreat if you can from the hectic pace of life and be calm.

Create a budget during May. Get rid of bad habits keeping you from being successful. May is the month to clean out all the psychic junk and bad habits. The planets cannot emphasize this enough.

Your house of energy is emphasized during May. You are so very busy running errands and getting ready for a move. Communicate with honesty. Put your intellect into your studies. You can do it! Channel energy in to mental tasks so this month can be highly stimulating rather than stressful and anxious. Think of how high you ego will go if you can show others you are successful!

Bad days for you in May Leo include the 1st and the 2nd. Stay inside and don't venture out in your car. The 7th and 8th are particularly bad when you get a ticket and your car gets impounded. Call your parents, but they will not answer. The 17th and 18th through the 20th are not good. You will have test after test, but you can do good if you try. The 30th and 31st are difficult days but you can do it!

Good days are the 4th and 5th. Things will work out with your partner on these days. The 20th and 21st are also great days for communication.


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