Horoscope for February 2014

Horoscope for February 2014 Saturn is still in Scorpio in February 2014 and will stay there for many months, even in 2015. Interesting discussions about family and reproduction matters will come up in family meetings and you may want to think about increasing your family size. Be responsible in your career, relationships and finances. Take care that you are an environmental citizen of the world. Use February 2014 as a jumping off point to get ready for spring and to make your environment more earth friendly. Be responsible; accountability begins at the first of every year.

As February moves to the 14th of the month you will think about relationships and love more and more. If you are single you will long for someone to be with you on Valentine's Day. Do not despair if you are single. Go out with friends and you may just discover that one of your friends looks really good. Him or Her just might be the one for you. Saturn remains in the love sector and rules sex and passion until the end of the year. This means that you must be serious when it comes to relationships, passion and caring. Realize that when you commit to someone you are not looking for just a one night fling. You can manage your love energy better when you realize that commitment takes energy and perseverance.

Venus retrogrades in many career sectors and stays there until the end of February 2014. You might have a difficult time interviewing for new positions, finding middle ground and taking care of business. Are you disappointed and unhappy in a career choice? Then move on. Resumes and emails to prospective employers should be sent out no later than the 25th. Watch for answers and interview possibilities the first week of March.

During February you will have energy and drive to finish what you set out to do. Do not be ruthless or dominating in getting to where you want to be in your career. Be kind; you don't have to be rude and angry or short with people to get where you want to go. Using others as stepping stones to move up the ladder will come back to cause you distress.

Health is always an issue in the winter months. The lowering clouds demand you take note of what is going on in the atmosphere. If it is rain or snow, dress accordingly. For those in warmer climates, take care that you do not become complacent at what you have. Diet and exercise is always the best recipe for good health. If you have minor aches and pains do not think they will go away. Take care of them as soon as you can. You may not need to go to a doctor, but you will have to rest occasionally.

Change is the norm for February 2014. There may be more issues and challenges coming out of nowhere and the unexpected can send you in a tailspin. Be proactive and have different plans. If you have saved to go on vacation in February and it does not work out, do something else. There are so many possibilities.

February 2014 is a difficult month. February is often the time when little things go wrong, you cannot focus on the tasks at hand, and you are very unsure of yourself. Note that this is due to planet transits, retrogrades and moves into different signs. During February if things come undone, don't beat yourself up. You might want to retreat from the world, so take a mini vacation. Be alone and do something just for you.


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