Horoscope for February 2014 for Aquarius

Horoscope for February 2014 Aquarius Aquarius your planet ruler, Uranus, is the promoter of change and unpredictability. Uranus can be very difficult and cause disruptions in your life. Do note, however, that Uranus is also the master of inventions. There are many opportunities during February 2014 to progress in all aspects of your life. When you need help, ask for it. You will need those who love you to hang on to when times are difficult during February. Take care of your immediate family and friends and they will take care of you. With the support and love of family and friends you will be in win-win situation when things are a bit difficult.

Career has peace and tranquility in your life. Don't take it for granted however since there will be difficulties if you don't do a great job. New inspirations will give regeneration to your team. Keep ideas on the level, and do not be deceived by your thoughts. Look at questions from all sides before you make decisions. Toward the end of February you may find that there are rumblings of promotions for you. Keep your ears open and your heart happy.

You want love and harmony in your love life. February is the month of lovers and a time when you enjoy your spouse or partner or even a great friend. There is a perfect climate around you. If you are single, go out and find your soul mate. Provide a deeper love on the 14th. If you are committed, you may need to make minor adjustments to avoid the little glitches in your relationship. Understand your partner and care for them. The last half of the month will bring in a sense of satisfaction in love and commitment.

This year seems to be very good for you Aquarius in regards to finances. Uranus is moving favorably through your sign and is helping you to count your financial blessings. You may want to make a major purchase this month and the 20th is the best time to do this. Yet, there are still money troubles if you let your savings run to far into the red. Pay all debts and loans and watch out for a money-grabbing child on the 25th. Don't let them take your money and throttle you. Pay basic expenses and find inexpensive ways to entertain yourself.

Emotional health will be put to the test around the 10th and 11th and this is due to worries and mind chatter. Take up a hobby or go to the gym to keep yourself busy, you may want to go on a week-end vacation that will give you uplift. Take care of your diet and do not eat sugary and fatty foods. These types of foods cause slow and anxious thoughts. Eyes are going to be a concern around the 25th. Go to the eye doctor immediately.

Your awesome luck days are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. These are the days when you are still energetic from the parties of January and December. The 7th is also a good day and a fine day to shop for bargains in the health food store. On the 21st be happy when you find the car of your dreams and purchase that car on the 15th. The 14th is just nice.

De be aware that the 21st and 22nd are not the best days of the month. Take care on the 27th and on the 28th you will need all your negotiating skills to keep your team form falling apart. Take a nice vacation on the 8th and 9th but do be aware that there are pitfalls in your chosen destination. You might want to make other plans.


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