Horoscope for February 2014 for Leo

Horoscope for February 2014 Leo Leo, Saturn enters your house of family and rests there for the entire month. Responsibilities will include taking care of an elderly parent. The domestic situation you find yourself in will free up this month. Start again to live. Saturn will give you thoughts that your current life is really a stress that needs to be eliminated. Learn hard lessons about commitment to a cause and find that responsibility will get you what you need.

Jupiter and Saturn join in your house of secrets. Money you did not know you had jumps into your bank account. Transform a spare room into an office to make it easier to study, take care of bills, and just be alone.

If you are feeling trapped in your current relationship Leo realize that this is due to your nature. Leos do not like to marry. Relationships for you are great when they are full of all freedom you want. When they don't work out, Leo you will need to move on. If you are committed, you are faithful. Have fun with the love you have chosen.

Being demonstrative in your affections to your love is you forte. You are highly optimistic and feel that you can work through just about anything. If your love is serious and intellectual you might find yourself being bored or scared. Let your love know that you love freedom and light. Be careful that you are not "walked on" by your partner. Jupiter will help improve your love life during February 2014. On the 14th you will have sweet benefits in your life. If you are single you will find the one who will take you far up the emotion roller coaster. You will find that the top is perfect and you do not want to experience the lows. Jupiter loves miracles and will bring you that dream.

Do have an open mind the second half of the month. Know that you have to give and take, compromise and collaborate to make things work out. Being too tired to work at a relationship is no excuse. Do you want to be lonely your entire life? Change up your look. Try a new hairdo, different clothes, and a new attitude. You will be amazed at how it spices up your love and relationship life.

Finding a bit more money gives you the opportunity to move to a larger and more upbeat place. Take the time to decorate it how you want it; not how your partner wants it. It will make you so very happy to feel that you have something all you own. This in turn will give you an added outlook on life; you will be almost giddy.

On the money front Leo you are not a good manager. Let someone else help you budget and handle the everyday expenses. As Virgo moves through you house of money, learn how to analyze when it comes to money matters. Pay the most important bills, rent, mortgage, car payment at the first of the month. You are very distraught about money matters and February 2014 will provide a financial potential. Depend on family if you need help, but learn to stand on your own two feet.

Awesome days for you Leo, are the 7th, 8th, and 9th of February 2014. You will get a raise on the 15th and your love will take you somewhere new on the 14th. Listen to advice from financial planners or siblings who know more about money matters than you on the 22nd and send out new resumes on the 24th. Depend on yourself to get through the trying day of the 27th. Keep your nose clean and you will not land in legal trouble.


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