Horoscope for November 2014 for Cancer

Horoscope for November 2014 Cancer Cancer, the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio this month bump into Saturn and set up duty in your house of one-to-one relationships. You are likely to blow up emotionally this month more than any others. You are also obsessed. Watch for signs of jealously in you and your love. Try not to focus so much on your relationship partner.

There are days that are very difficult for you and your current partner. Be on guard against arguments and starting fights in already volatile situations. On the 10th of November Mars will move in with Pluto in your house of relationships. The planets whisper to you to do whatever you want to make sure your partner gets your point. You almost feel like cutting them out of your life. On the 18th and 25th you will not even compromise with anything. This is a very scary time of the month.

If you are shopping for the holidays Cancer be careful with your credit card on the 8th and 9th of November. Venus starts off with extravagant Jupiter and urges you to forget your budget. You are in such a festive mood and want to give so much to everyone you meet! Your love and family plus your career should be the best gifts of all. Take care of the ones you love the most first.

You do not have to prove anything Cancer. If someone challenges you on November 10th, 12th or 13th watch out for politics in the office. You won't take kindly to challenges and you may go so far as to stop talking to them. You do your best work when you are alone. Ask for time off.

Good days in November for you Cancer are the 1st and 2nd and 3rd. These days you have enough money to holiday shop and it is great to be out in the wintery sun. On the 6th things go well in the office and love is in the air. The 11th is a wonderful day to relax and enjoy a cup of cocoa. Take the 20th as one of the gold-letter days of November. Do what you want and it will be awesome. On the 21st take care you pay attention to your family. Take children to lunch. They will love you for it.

Challenging days are the 7th and 8th plus the 9th of November. These are days when you are challenged by coworkers. They criticize the work you did on a project and want you to redo it. You stand your ground and arguments ensue. On the 10th take the time to listen to your boss when he/she calls you into their office. You will be jumped on for a lapse in rules. Don't cry, just take it. On the 12th and 13th nothing is going right. The weather is nasty and the days are long. Planets working through your sign are not smiling. They are angry with you. On the 18th of November watch out for vandals who scratch the side of your car. You may want to park in private lots after this. On the 22nd your computer shuts down and you lose all the work you have done today. The 26th is not a good day to go to work. Stay home.


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